The actress says she almost wore jeans on the big day.
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

While some brides dream about wearing a traditional wedding dress on their big day, others opt out of the white gown altogether. Actress Kristen Bell is included in the latter category-the star wore a different kind of getup for her casual wedding to actor Dax Shepard. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, she explained her style choice.

"I remember my husband picked out my outfit," she revealed. "I thought we were going to go in jeans. I didn't have high expectations." On the morning of their celebration, however, Shepard shared that he'd be wearing a tuxedo. Unsure of what to don herself, Bell let him choose her look.

"He went into my closet, picked out this black jumpsuit, and then we got into his Lincoln and he had made a playlist of all my favorite songs," she recalled. "It was like Brett Dennen and Tyrone Wells at the time. It was a whole bunch of beautiful songs. And then we just drove there and that was it, but it was so simple and wonderful."

The couple recently reminisced about their intimate event with an Instagram photo of them kissing in what appears to be that very car. "On our wedding day. Just cuz," Bell captioned the snapshot, which she posted on her feed. The stars got married on October 17, 2013, in Beverley Hills, and Bell previously stated that it was "one of the best days" of her life.


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