If rustic romance is your ideal vibe, a farmhouse venue might be right for you.

By Courtney Leiva
March 26, 2019

Destination weddings can definitely provide that unforgettable ambience, but if you're looking to stay a little closer to home, it's great to know that farmhouse celebrations can provide an equally charming atmosphere, especially if you are looking to have a rustic and romantic party. To help you create a memorable experience, we spoke to Jesse Tombs, expert planner at Alison Events Planning + Design, about planning a farmhouse wedding, including how to embrace the location and easy ways you can get creative with your use of space. Below are five key pointers he says to keep in mind if you're definitely thinking about planning this type of celebration.

Embrace the Location​

"If you are planning to get married on a farm, embrace the location and the surroundings of your venue," Tombs says. Consider using canvas covered hay bales or rustic wooden benches for seating rather than the ornate chairs you'd typically see in a ballroom.

Tailor Your Décor to the Environment

As you would with any venue, choose decorations that enhance the natural beauty of your space, not fight against it. "Make sure that your décor suits the environment," Tombs advises. Explore what grows on the farm (or the area surrounding areas) and incorporate that into the floral design if you can. If the venue grows their own produce, try to use their tasty fruits and veggies throughout the reception meal.

Get Creative with Your Use of Space

With a little elbow grease, Tombs says even the most rustic corner of a farm can become a beautiful location for your wedding ceremony or reception. "Think outside the box and get creative with the spaces you use on the farm," the pro explains. Unlikely spaces make for an even more unique, personalized event.

Don't Be Afraid to Include Animals in the Celebration

"Guests love when we incorporate animals into the wedding design, or into an activity," Tombs says. Add photos or illustrations of animals that live on the farm into the design of the invites or paper materials. When guests arrive, there is a sense of place and meaning.

Choose Creative Music

"A string quartet may not make sense for a wedding in a field, but a banjo and an upright bass performing while you walk you down the aisle would be fun," Tombs says. Guests love when music fits the location and the venue, so feel free to get creative with your accompaniments.


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