Accessorize perfectly for snowy snaps.
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Snowy backdrops and gray skies may not seem to create as many engagement-shoot opportunities as the bright hues of spring and summer do. But if you're taking pictures in the winter, you actually have plenty of gorgeous options that'll help you and your partner look your best during the chilly weather.

Keep your head and neck warm.

If you're snapping photos in a location that's not so seasonal, but you'd still like to have a wintery look, you can keep cozy while making a statement. "I suggest just bringing an oversize scarf to use as both an accessory and a a prop," says Richmond, Virginia, wedding photographer Katelyn James. "This will allow you to have a cozy/wintery look in some of your photos, but you won't be sweating!" As a pro, she suggests going with a plaid pattern, because they photograph well. "If you don't use a scarf with a large pattern, then I suggest a solid color." And don't forget about head scarves or earmuffs, as those can also be cute additions to your engagement look. "Make sure that whatever small accessory you use fits with the overall look of your outfits," James says.

Wear a comfy vest.

A vest is another great accessory that you can bring to your look without being swallowed up in a heavy winter coat. "Just make sure you wear a vest that fits well," James says. "Most vests look great if worn open, not zipped. This means that you can wear a smaller size vest and it won't photograph bulky." Try this pro tip: If you're going to stick with the plaid option, try pairing a solid-colored vest with a large plaid shirt, she suggests. If you're going with something a little fancier, opt for a furry stole to wrap around you instead.

7 Tips for Dreamy Winter Engagement Photos

Don't disregard skirts (or dresses!).

Just because you're in chillier temps, you don't have to be limited with your wardrobe options. If you're got a favorite skirt or dress, James insists you bring it with you to the photo shoot. "Just add some tights and cute, short booties and you'll be set!" she says.

Bring a blanket.

Don't forget to think outside the outfit. "A lot of couples are nervous that a wintery engagement session will result in colorless images, since the leaves are off the trees and the grass has turned brown," James says. "So, to ensure that you have color, you can bring a large patterned blanket to add some into your shoot." This will also bring about lots of new posing options. You can wrap each other in it for a cozy close-up, or use it to sit on for some sweet on-the-ground pictures.


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