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There are countless little details you'll need to consider and design decisions you'll need make as you plan your wedding, which is why it can be easy to lose track of what you have and haven't thought of yet. That's why we asked two professional wedding planners to tell us what they think the most overlooked areas of a wedding are. Trust us, you don't want to forget about these details.

First Impressions

Cocktail hour is typically the first "designed" portion of the day, and it really sets the tone for the rest of the reception. Wedding planner and designer Lindsay Sims of Toast Events says, "This is often the very first impression of the reception, so we strive to add special touches like customized aprons for the staff, unique passing vessels, or creative glassware." Rather than skimming over this space because guests are only here for an hour or so, Sims recommends making this space feel welcoming and personalized.

Powder Rooms

Restrooms are one of those often-overlooked parts of a wedding experience, but these essential spaces can be upgraded to help make your family and friends feel like VIPs. Wedding planner and designer Lynn Easton of Easton Events recommends including baskets of mints, hairspray, aerosol deodorant, bug spray for outdoor spaces, and anything else that may come in handy for your guests. "Think about all of the what-ifs and come up with an attainable solution," she says. "To make these spaces pleasant, a nice hand lotion, soap, and complementing candle can go a long way." If you're hosting an outdoor events, pathway lighting leading to the restrooms is another thing you'll want to add to the list.

Essential Walkways

Walkways impact the flow of your day, and they're also a big part of creating a good ambience at a wedding. Something Easton warns against is ignoring the pathway servers will take from guests to the kitchen. She says, "This journey needs to be made by multiple people, multiple times, and avoiding obstructions and tight paths will make both service and removal of dishes and drinks much more seamless." It's also important to think about the walkways guests will take throughout the event, ensuring there are no major eyesores along the route.

Your Vendors

Lastly, taking care of your vendors should be a priority. As Easton says, no one wants a band with low blood sugar! "Dietary restrictions and preferences should always be taken into consideration for your vendors," Easton says. "This consideration is the difference between being a thoughtful planner and a forgetful one." She encourages couples to offer food and drinks for vendors throughout your event, as the timelines for each to take breaks will vary. Having a room set aside for vendors to relax and also stash their gear is really helpful for a successful event.


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