Don't neglect this area of your body during pre-wedding prep.
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The chest is the last place most women think of while preparing for the big day. Though the face and body get the most attention, we're here to remind you that your décolletage is an area that deserves some focus, too-especially if you're wearing a strapless or low-cut wedding dress. Here are some of our favorite ways to make your décolletage shine.

Before you start considering products that can be used on the big day, think about the quality of your skin. If you've experienced one too many sunburns on your chest in your lifetime (especially in the months leading up to the wedding) a little bit of treatment may be in order, and should be done well before wedding day. Use the same products on your décolletage as you use on your face-at the very least, you should at least be applying a quality moisturizer and anti-aging serum. You can also talk to your dermatologist or aesthetician about in-office treatments to address breakouts or discoloration.

Remember that the skin on the chest is thin, which means that side-sleeping or push-up bras can cause lines and discoloration. Wrinkles Schminkles, a line of wrinkle-relieving silicone pads, offers several products to help reduce these issues. Worn for just 20 minutes, the brand's InfuseFAST sheet mask will help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation on the décolletage.

While any pre-wedding treatment will be helpful, it's a good idea to find a few products that deliver the highlight you're looking for on the big day, too. The best products will create a shimmery glow on the chest that will reflect the light and accentuate your skin. Favored by brides and women hitting the red carpet, alike, Loving Tan's Bronze Shimmer is one to consider. This creamy product can be smoothed over the chest and all exposed skin to create a luminous glow that will leave skin looking radiant. The micronized pigments in this formula will add a tan look to the skin and will blur and soften imperfections.

If creams aren't your thing, shimmery powders can be added on the chest to illuminate. Natasha Denona All-Over Face and Body Shimmer in Powder is the perfect product to accentuate the beautiful curves of your body. This hydrating, shimmering powder, which comes in three shades, will make your skin look bright and dewy. Use it before walking down the aisle to give this area of skin the glow it deserves.


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