The honeymoon's over, but the fun is just beginning.
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After all of the planning is done and the wedding is over, there's something to be said about laying low with your new spouse. But that doesn't mean date night should go out the window. Instead of getting dressed up for fancy dinners or logging hours at the kitchen table planning your big day, try one of these low-key date night ideas instead. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite activities for newly-married couples here.

Explore Your City

Whether you're new in town or a native, try to get to know the area a little better. Learn about the local art scene, check out a new restaurant, or window shop in a downtown section.

Movie Night In

Sometimes you just need to veg-out on the couch and binge watch all your favorite movies with your best friend. Each of you should pick your favorite movie to watch, then grab a bowl of popcorn before settling in for a few hours of quality time.

Get Outside

Need a little getaway? Try camping together, even if it's a just a last-minute campout in your backyard. Make a campfire, bring the s'mores and spend time chatting together. Not into the whole sleeping outdoors thing? Go for a long hike or walk together in a local park.

Cook Dinner Together

Going out for dinner every weekend can get pricy, and nothing beats lounging around your home in your comfiest PJs. Find a new recipe and cook it together, or challenge your partner to a cook off of sorts where you're each responsible for a certain part of the dish.

Game Night

Have a night dedicated to two-person games. Make your favorite snacks and play a game of Scrabble, cards, or a childhood board game you always loved. Maybe uncork a bottle of your favorite wedding wine while you're at it.

Dessert Date

Just because you're cooking at home doesn't mean you can't go out after. Carve out time for a dessert date and hit the town in search of donuts, frozen yogurt, or ice cream. You might just find a new favorite!


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