You may not have thought of these sweet shots.
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We don't have to remind you that your wedding day will be the most important day of your life. You want to remember all of it-which means you'll need a wedding photographer that understands you and your needs. Besides the must-have moments you need to capture, there are some other shots that are just as important and romantic. We talked to Brooklyn-and-Nashville-based wedding photographer Isabelle Selby, who shared the moments you may not have thought to capture-but should.

4 Things a Bride and Groom Should Do to Get Amazing Candid Wedding Photography

1. Getting Ready with Your Pets

A great way for couples to include their animals (without having the furry friends attend the wedding): "Incorporate them into photos at the beginning of the day," says Selby. Candids of them taking in the flurry of activity while you're getting ready will result in some seriously cute pictures, and it's a nice time to snap some "family" portraits, too, if you're seeing your spouse-to-be before the ceremony.

2. A Location That's Important to Your Family History

"I had a bride request a photo of herself and her husband in front of the church that her grandparents were married in, and I loved this sense 
of nostalgia." This idea also works well for engagement pictures. Make them your own by choosing a place that's important to your loved ones, like a family home or a favorite restaurant or park.

3. A Cameo by a Digital Device

"As much as we try to keep cell-phone time to a minimum and enjoy the moment, they're not all bad." In fact, a candid shot of guests laughing together over something on the screen, a picture of friends making faces while they attempt a selfie, or a shot of the screen itself showing the weather report for the day can all help capture the energy of the wedding.

4. Night Portraits

"If you're still on a wedding-day high at the end of the night, add one more set of portraits. A streetlamp, sparklers, or even
 a car's headlights can make for photos that feel a little edgier, but every bit as romantic."

5. Just After the Ceremony

"I love capturing 
a couple in their first married moments, before they greet guests and start any 'official' portraits. I suggest that, immediately following the ceremony, they take some time alone to share a private toast, nibble on some food, or admire their new rings. Then I'll come in for the last minute or so to take candid photos."


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