Read all about his well-planned proposal.
Marcus Grodd and Ally Lutar

Members of Bachelor Nation may not always find love on the show, but they keep making news with their romances anyway. This time Marcus Grodd is the lucky franchise alum, having just gotten engaged to girlfriend Ally Lutar.

Grodd was previously a contestant on 2014's Bachelorette and also made an appearance on 2014's Bachelor in Paradise. On the latter series, Grodd actually got married to a co-star, but the tie wasn't legal, and that relationship has since dissolved. Since, he's chosen to search for love off-screen, and now the former contestant is an engaged man.

Grodd and Lutar met on a business trip and went on their first date just one day later. Even wilder was the step that the couple took after-"Ally moved in the very next day!" Grodd shared with People. Rest assured, the couple was happy with their pace. "I can truly say I knew I loved her the day I met her. We have moved so quickly because it's always felt so right and meant to be," Grodd added.

Grodd took the relationship a step further with a trip to Lynn Valley Canyon in Vancouver. "I was trying to find the perfect location to propose," he shared. "I wanted her to be completely surprised." While on a hike through the scenic property, he took to his knee on bridge over a waterfall. After Lutar said "yes," her parents and brother were waiting. The group celebrated with bottles of champagne beside a mountainside river. Was the planning worth the effort? You bet it was. "It was truly the most incredible day of our lives," Grodd confirmed.

"The minute I met her I knew this was how you feel when you meet your wife for the first time," Grodd said of their relationship. "Ally is gorgeous and strong-I was completely drawn to her confidence." Lutar owns a marketing and staffing agency, of which Grodd's just joined the team. It sounds like the pair will have plenty of time to prep for their upcoming wedding while on shared-workplace lunchbreaks.

Interestingly enough, Grodd's Instagram account description says "Ally + Rocco + more to come." Is he simply referencing their other dog, or could a baby be on the way too?


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