Here are the key questions to ask yourself when fitting a lounge into your floor plan.
jeanette david wedding outdoor lounge area
Credit: Maria Lamb

An image of comfy couches, beautiful throw pillows, and a coffee table with a wildflower arrangement and candles strewn across the top practically screams modern-day wedding inspiration. Whether you create a wedding lounge with vintage furniture rentals, contemporary pieces, or existing furniture from your venue, you'll want to think about how the space will be used before you settle on where to place your cozy lounge arrangement. Here are a few key questions to ask yourself when brainstorming how to fit lounges into your wedding's floor plan.

How do you want guests to use the lounge area?

If you're picturing the lounge area being a place for the older guests to chat, you'll want to set it further away from the dance floor and in an area that's easy for the catering staff to get to. This way, waiters can check in on these guests regularly, bringing coffee or whatever they'd like to have while they're chatting. As well, they won't want to be right next to the dance floor, where it's too loud and difficult to carry on a conversation.

Will you have multiple lounge areas?

If your cocktail hour is in a different location to the dance floor, you might want to organize a few lounge areas to suit both the cocktail hour seating and also provide seating for later in the night. Guests will need a place to sit both before and after dinner, which leaves a lot of opportunity to bring in different types of lounge arrangements.

Will you have an outdoor hang out space?

If you'd like to have an area outside for guests to hang out and chat while the rest of the party is happening indoors, you can bring in lounge furniture for this or use a few small bistro tables and chairs. Either way, you want to make sure guests have a place to sit and hang out if they'd like to get some fresh air.

Is there any existing furniture you can use for your lounge areas?

If the venue has any cool statement chairs or cozy couches you can use for your lounge area, you only need to rent supplemental pieces to complete the look. In this case, you might be able to create more than one lounge area so you can have something near the dance floor and another lounge in a quieter zone for guests who prefer to be able to chat.


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