It sounds like this couple will make it down the aisle soon!
"Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay
Credit: The Bachelorette via Instagram

This season of The Bachelorette is just headed into hometown week, but fans already know that Rachel Lindsay is definitely engaged. And now it sounds like she and her mystery fiancé are already thinking about their wedding plans.

While we won't find out the identity of her lucky groom-to-be for a while, Rachel did share her thoughts about The Bachelorette and how excited she is about her new relationship at last night's ESPYs. And can we just say this bride-to-be is already glowing? "We actually haven't talked about a date because we just want to get to know each other," she shared with E! News. "We're like, 'When can we be in public? When can we go to the grocery store, grab coffee, go to the movies?'"

She did admit, however, a few details have started to cross her mind. "I'm thinking maybe next year, the end of next year maybe," Rachel said of a possible wedding date. "We're not rushing it but sooner than later." One wedding planning element she isn't thinking about just yet? Wedding dress shopping. "I have never been the girl to plan their wedding, pick out the dress. I'm like, 'What are we going to do for the party? What kind of music are we going to have? Who's going to be there? Where's it going to be?'"

In other words, The Bachelorette star is probably going to put together the reception of a lifetime. Now all we have to do is wait to see the lucky guy!


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