He put a ring on it! Now it's time to spread the news. Unlike the good old days where you'd call everyone or tell them face-to-face, now it's all about the latest social media go-to, Instagram. We've pulled together a few of our favorite ways to share the news socially (once you tell your family in person, of course!).
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1. Bring on the bling.

If you're all about sharing your favorite things on Instagram, you'll definitely want to show off your ring. Take a selfie with your love, and put your ring front and center.

2. Share the moment.

If your fiancé went the extra mile and had a friend or pro capture the "Will you marry me?" moment, share it! Give your followers an inside look at him on bended knee or that first kiss as bride- and groom-to-be.

3. Make a video.

Shout out the news to your followers with a quick video clip. It can be a video of the big moment, or if you want to keep that private, shoot a short clip of you two saying, "We're engaged!" Not only will it shine on social, but it'll be fun to look back on years from now.

4. Hide it in a hashtag.

Are you more of the subtle type? Make your followers work to find out the big news. Share a picture of you two or a pair of puppies or two peas in a pod, anything that makes you smile and exudes love. Use the hashtag #WereEngaged or #SheSaidYes.

6. Show off the pup.

That fluffy ball of fur is a part of your family, so let him share the news. Tie the ring around his neck or put a cute sign next to him that says "My parents are getting married" or "Future ring bearer."

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7. Play the name game.

If you're planning to change your name, let that be your announcement. Snap a selfie holding a sign that says "The Future Mrs. James" (or whatever your respective married name will be). Another option: Take a great selfie and use the hashtag #TheFutureMrsJames.

8. Highlight the groom.

Brides are showered with congratulations, gifts, and are typically the center of attention on the wedding day. Let him have his moment in the spotlight by making him your main focus. Take a sweet shot of the man you love and caption it with the big news.

9. Give yourself a hand.

Jot down a sweet quote-"I said yes" or "I'm getting married"-on the palm of your hand. Have your sweetheart take a shot and share it. If you want to show off the ring, turn it around on your finger so the diamond is facing your palm.

10. Show that you've got game.

If monthly game nights are your idea of a good time, spell out "love" or "we're engaged" or "she said yes" with Scrabble tiles or lettered dice. It's clever, cute, and shows off your game-loving personality.

11. Publish it.

Grab a copy of the latest issue of your favorite wedding magazine (like Martha Stewart Weddings!) and take a pic with your ring on top of it. Caption: Let's do this! #TimeToStartPlanning #WereEngaged #BrideToBe. Be sure to use #MarthaStewartWeddings, too-we may regram it!

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