When in doubt, select a light and refreshing dessert.
Pink Wedding Cake with Deckle Edge

For many guests, enjoying a delicious slice of wedding cake is one of the main reception highlights. But even the most devout cake lovers wouldn't be excited to dig into a dense, heavy dessert during the dog days of summer. So what kind of cake should you serve at a wedding taking place in June, July, August, and September? We talked with three bakers, who shared their tips for selecting the ultimate summer wedding cake.

Keep it light, fruity, and refreshing.

According to Rosie Rohrer of Rosie's Creative Cakes in Manheim, Pennsylvania, you'd be in the majority if you select a fruit-flavored wedding cake. "Most couples go with light and fruity flavors for the summer, and chocolate and spice flavors for cooler weather weddings," she explains. When in doubt, she says to consider one of these tried-and-true crowd pleasers: strawberry, raspberry, and lemon cake. Not sold on an entirely fruity dessert? "One never tires of the classic white bridal cake with any fresh fruit filling!" the pro adds.

You can't go wrong with berries.

"Fresh strawberry filling is a definitive summertime flavor," Rohrer says, adding that one of her favorite seasonal desserts is strawberry cake with a lemon curd filling. "Lemon, in and of itself, is not everyone's flavor of choice. By incorporating the strawberry, we provide a reminiscent summertime feel," she says. Joyce Osorio of Cakelyn's Finest in Brooklyn, New York, has another take on the classic strawberry cake. Pair berry-flavored cake with strawberry-mascarpone buttercream. "There is a burst of berry freshness with every bite. The moist strawberry cake with fresh strawberries paired with the rich and creamy taste of the buttercream make this a delightful summer wedding cake flavor," she explains.

Consider bright citrus flavors.

Love the taste of lemon? Instead of incorporating the tangy fruit into your filling, serve a lemon-flavored cake instead. Osorio says many of her clients choose a lemon-flavored confection with raspberry filling. "The combination of sweet and tangy flavors blend perfectly together to make this palette pleaser," she adds.

Make it tropical.

A tropical cake is so appropriate in the summer, so couples should think about serving a coconut-flavored cake on their wedding day. It's light enough to be a crowd-pleaser, but unique enough to be memorable. Really want to drive that tropical vibe home? Osorio recommends pairing coconut cake with pineapple cream cheese filling. "This flavor combination is like having a yummy piña colada," she says. "Putting a cocktail umbrella on each piece will certainly delight your guests and make fun, picture-worthy slices of cake!"

Celebratory flavors are always appropriate.

Rohrer says that one of her bakery's most popular cakes is pink Champagne with a strawberry and white chocolate mousse filling, and it's just as delicious in the summertime as it is in the winter. "This cake is very light and moist with a combination of flavors that is bound to please every guest!" she says.

Highlight the flavors of in-season flowers.

Want to serve a little something different? Cyndol Haller of Cut The Cake in Orlando, Florida, recommends lavender cake with honey buttercream. Guests will remember the unique flavor for years to come; be warned, however, that the sweet lavender flavor should be subtle instead of overwhelming.

Upgrade a classic.

Unfortunately for chocoholics, dark chocolate confections are typically too heavy and dense for a summer celebration. If you need the chocolate fix, however, Osorio recommends a lighter option: chocolate sponge cake paired with berries and a cream filling. If you're a vanilla lover, try a twist on the traditional flavor. Pair it with cinnamon and seasonal fruits for something truly unexpected. Osorio bakes a cinnamon and vanilla bean cake with orange cream cheese filling, which she says "balances the flavors out, giving this cake a more sophisticated orange creamsicle taste."


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