Trust us, this is good for your well-being and your time management.

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Credit: Sally Pinera

No one told you that planning a wedding would mean making a thousand seemingly small decisions every single day for months on end? Well, maybe not a thousand, but it can certainly feel that way for brides who struggle with indecisiveness and self-doubt. A boost of confidence may be just what you need, and here are some tips to keep you on-track so you can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Stop doubting yourself.

In this day and age, it's so easy to get off-track with what you thought was a great idea because you start seeing it everywhere. For example, maybe you love the idea of a Great Gatsby-themed wedding, but the more planning you do, the more it starts to feel like it's been done a dozen other ways. While some of the original luster of the idea might start to wane, this isn't the time to give up on something you were once enchanted by. Trust your original instincts and know that you can work with your team of vendors to bring your vision to life in a way that feels fresh and unique to you and your partner.

Create a list of priorities and goals.

Regarding logistics, you'll want to create clear priorities (i.e. music is number one, décor is number two, and so forth) and goals from day one. Discuss them with your partner and write a simple, clear list you can go back to again and again throughout the planning process. In addition to these priorities, include three to five words that you want to use to describe your wedding. As you make decisions, go back to these priorities and words to make sure every choice you make lines up.

Stop looking at inspiration.

Once you've made a decision, cut yourself off from looking at inspiration. There is absolutely such a thing as information overload, and it's really easy to get distracted with all the beautiful wedding imagery that's available. By revisiting decisions every time something new excited you, you'll end up spending double the time (and money!) on every detail. You'll also lose sight of what you really want.

Go with your gut.

As with so many things in life, trusting your gut is a big part of wedding planning. Love a photographer's work but don't think you really "click" in real life? Find another photographer. Love the very first venue you visit but feel like you should look at others just for comparison's sake? Skip the extra time spent and follow your gut. A lot of our confidence in the decisions we make comes from following our gut.

Give yourself a decision deadline.

If there's a specific decision you're really struggling with, set a mental cutoff date. Maybe you give yourself a week or two to talk through it with friends and family so you can weigh all the pros and cons. Don't go radio silent on your vendors, but let them know you'll get back to them with a decision by a certain date. This way, you can give the task the full attention you feel it deserves and make a decision you're confident sticking to.


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