It should enhance your special celebration.
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There are some wedding vendors whose impact on your day is straightforward and obvious: Your floral designer, officiant, and photographer, just to name a few, each play a role that is at the forefront of your celebration. However, there are some vendors whose work happens behind the scenes, yet their responsibilities are necessary to create the right atmosphere and flow. Once such vendor? Your lighting technician. When there's great lighting at a wedding, your guests may not even notice it, but they'll certainly know when it's not there. So how, exactly, does lighting impact your ceremony and reception? Read on.

You're able to create focal areas.

As you start planning your wedding, think about the elements you want to highlight for your guests. Maybe you love the escort card display that you and your planner spent hours brainstorming, or maybe you're looking to play up the gorgeous hardwood dance floor you're renting for the occasion. Each special detail should be highlighted and emphasized in order to draw in guests and create an engaging experience. Lighting creates defined focal areas while helping to dictate the flow of the event to your guests. Pin spotting on the cake table ensures everyone sees your beautiful dessert while highlighting the band's backdrop with a neon sign effectively draws your guests to the dance floor to get the party started.

Lighting helps to enhance the atmosphere and guide guests.

Whether the desired wedding aesthetic is a crisp, modern vibe or an ethereal, romantic feel, lighting choices can help enhance the overall look you're going for. Glowing chandeliers under a sailcloth tent can help make this expansive space feel cozy. A key litmus test for a successful event is whether guests know what to do without being explicitly told to do so. Do guests know where to proceed following the conclusion of the ceremony? You're likely going to be busy taking portraits or family pictures, and your wedding planner might be busy dealing with an inevitable crisis. Soft bistro lighting over the al fresco cocktail hour patio would create a well defined space beckoning guests to mingle and enjoy themselves as they transition from the wedding ceremony.

You'll end up with light and airy images.

One of the clearest examples of how lighting can impact your day is through the benefit it plays to the photographer. If you choose to invest in great quality and well-selected lighting, your photographer will absolutely love you. In turn, you'll love each and every wedding photo. While photographers are masters of their art and can make the most out of any situation, having a well-lit area that accents the existing natural light will help elevate their images and make their art truly shine.


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