Don't leave your spark at the altar!
Credit: Ryan Ray

Life after the wedding day can start to seem intimidating without that big party to focus on. There's a lot of change heading your way, but nearly all of it is the good kind. To help you switch gears from an engaged couple to a married one, we gathered some helpful advice that will ensure your relationship remains strong after the nuptials.

Keep Date Nights on the Calendar

We can't stress this enough. Spending time together, just the two of you, is of utmost importance. As the duties of everyday life inevitably become part of your routine, don't forget to remember how it all started: from your first date, to the day you got engaged, all the way to the honeymoon. Having at least one night together during the week where you are celebrating your love will help keep your love alive and help to keep it blossoming.

Listen and Communicate

Talk kindly to one another and listen intently. Fights can easily start because one party isn't living up to the other's certain expectations. Talk through those tough moments. Your spouse is not a mind reader. Put down your cell phones and find time together where you can communicate without interruption. It doesn't have to be about the hard stuff all the time-just talk about what you did that day. Ask about work. Dream about the future together.

Love Each Other Through All of the Changes

You both are going to go through a lot of changes, which can be stressful on everyone. Be mindful of that. You'll be figuring out your routine together, and that can get a little bumpy. Pick and choose your battles and remember to be grateful for all your partner does and forgiving even when it may not be easy for you.


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