Are you a vintage collector at heart? Then searching for the perfect big-day décor details might be worth it.
Credit: KT Merry

Vintage wares and antiques are colorful, textural, and unique, so using them as decorative elements at your wedding will add a dose of personality to your celebration. While there are plenty of rental companies out there that lend out their collection of vintage plates, glassware, silverware, serving trays, throw rugs, and more, you might prefer to search for and purchase your own antique goods. But is the time (and money) really worth it? Here are a few factors to think about before you visit antique shops, flea markets, and the like.

Do Your Research

There are many vintage rental companies out there, so there's a good chance you can find exactly what you need already available in the marketplace. However, if you're a person who's already got a good vintage collection going and you've got the time and funds to devote to searching, it might be a fun project for you to start scouring for wedding-day treasures.

Keep It Small

Deciding you're only going to purchase serving platters and large sets of antique silverware is a good start. If, during the process, you find that you keep stumbling upon antique rugs that could be used during your ceremony, plan to add them to the mix only if it works with your budget. Dessert trays, display plates for escort cards, and brass candleholders are all items that you don't need a huge number of in order to be noticeable, so these may be better options if you don't have tons of extra time, funds, or space to store your finds.

Be Specific in Your Search

If you do decide to collect your own antiques, you'll want to hone in on exactly what you're looking for or else you may end up with mismatched pieces that don't coordinate. For example, if you're collecting dessert plates and coffee mugs, you'll want to think about the color scheme and style you want so that each item goes together in some way.

Have a Post-Wedding Plan

If you're going to collect an assortment of items for the wedding, it's important to think about what you'll do with all your treasures after the wedding. Do you really need 150 antique champagne coupes in your home? You might consider giving some sets away as thank-you gifts for your wedding party and immediate family, or else try to sell your collections to a local rental company. (Don't bank on this being an option though, as many rental companies are inundated with sellers offloading to them.)

Make It Fun

If ever it becomes stressful to collect vintage wares for your wedding, call it quits and find a great way to use what you've gathered so far. You can mix and match the rest with rentals, both vintage and modern.


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