Want to save face on your big day? Pros share what you should fill up on.
Credit: Amy Chaplin

Being surrounded by your nearest and dearest and pledging forever to your favorite person is probably enough to leave you glowing on your wedding day. But it doesn't hurt to give yourself an extra boost. And while there are plenty of beauty products that promise a perfect complexion, some of the best face-savers can be found in your fridge. Make these nutritionist-recommended eats at least 80 percent of your diet, says L.A.-based pro Elissa Goodman, "and you will feel and see a difference." She and New York dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin dish on the best foods to eat here.

Red Bell Pepper

Dubbed the "ultimate beauty food" by Zeitlin, these veggies are packed with carotenoids, which are antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles by fighting off free radicals and increasing blood flow to your skin. Plus, adds the pro, "they can help prevent acne and breakouts, which can tend to pop up when you're dealing with pre-wedding stress."

Matcha Tea

Not only is this brew high in EGCG, which has been shown to rejuvenate skin cells, says Zeitlin, but drinking two cups a day will hydrate you, "preventing that dry, flaky, tight feeling on your face."


A combo of minerals and vitamins in this root vegetable "stimulates cell production and repair," says holistic nutritionist Goodman, "protecting skin from premature aging and wrinkles."


The omega-3 fatty acids in this fish fight inflammation, explains Zeitlin, "which can show up on your face as redness, puffiness, and breakouts." She recommends having it, or another fatty fish like tuna, three times a week.


Filled with the mineral manganese, this crunchy snack boosts collagen and helps fight off sun damage, says Zeitlin, "keeping skin clear, bright, and fresh." Almonds are another smart nut option, says Goodman, since they're "a great source of vitamin E, and will help keep your skin smooth and supple."


The vitamin C in this fruit helps build and restore your skin's collagen, says Zeitlin, "which is the protein that keeps our skin elastic, firm, and plump."


Along with that collagen-boosting vitamin C, the dark, leafy green boasts vitamin K, notes Zeitlin, "which can reduce those dark circles that may form under your eyes."


The sweet fruit "is a great source of vitamin A," says Zeitlin, "which helps to increase the rate of skin cell turnover, keeping your skin supple."

Sweet Potatoes

Rich in beta-carotene, these starchy veggies "will combat dull complexions," says Goodman, adding that a mix of vitamins A and C can "help neutralize free radicals that cause tissue damage."

Dark Chocolate

An ounce a day of the good stuff-reach for a variety with at least 70 percent cacao-can keep wrinkles at bay. Zeitlin says the flavonols in the treat "help fight off fine lines, plus increase blood flow to your skin, giving your complexion the perfect dewy glow."


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