The This Is Us actress has confirmed that her wedding will be small. Find out why she wants to keep things quiet.
Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore probably hasn't started to plan her wedding to musician Taylor Goldsmith, but she's already certain about one thing-it's going to be an intimate affair. The This Is Us actress attended at a charity event with her castmates on Sunday evening, where she opened up to InStyle about why she's hoping for a small, quiet wedding.

"I don't think I'm going to have a big old affair," she explained. "So I think it will be small, and quiet, and private. I'm really lucky. My job allows me to get dressed up and take pictures, and be the center of attention in a way that makes me slightly uncomfortable that I don't know if I-I've never dreamed of emulating that in my real life," she continued.

But it isn't just her aversion to the Hollywood lifestyle that makes her feel this way, she said. "I think I've never dreamed about a wedding, or a dress, or any of those details, and no judgment on women that do," she said. "I get it, but I don't think it's my job, necessarily. I kind of feel like I was always just who I was." Moore has been true to this vision from the moment her engagement broke. In fact, she claimed that (at first!) she hadn't even wanted an engagement ring. "I'm not an engagement ring kind of girl," she told Entertainment Tonight at the 2017 Emmys. "I'm a bashful girl and I didn't think I really wanted one but then-I'm very happy with this."

She later told reporters in September that she wouldn't be wearing a traditional white dress down the aisle. Her reason? "It's not for me," she said, simply. However they choose to tie the knot, Moore is just happy that she'll get to marry her fiancé, and has been ecstatic since he proposed. "It was romantic and very unexpected. He's the best," she told Access Hollywood, of the proposal. "I knew it would come eventually because we talked about it. I just didn't know when."


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