She had a weekend to remember.
Tiera Skovbye and Jameson Parker

Riverdale's Tiera Skovbye is engaged! The actress announced the news on Instagram, describing the proposal and the weekend that followed. It's safe to say that the story is sweet, and the star is "over the moon."

On Monday, Skovbye shared photos on Instagram of her weekend at a lake. "This weekend was something out of a dream. The love of my life surprised the crap out of me and asked me to marry him in his childhood bedroom (not planned, I'm really hard to surprise)," she wrote. "We got to spend the rest of the weekend hanging out on the lake with both of our families and it was absolutely wonderful."

Skovbye and her fiancé, Jameson Parker, have been dating for over two years. Jameson also took to Instagram to celebrate, sharing more about their engagement. "We dun did it!!!! This weekend at the lake I grew up on, with all of our family around and a lot of champagne: I asked my best friend to marry me. For some reason the beautiful, talented [Skovbye] actually said yes and I can't wait to marry the girl of my dreams in front of all of our favourite people. This summer has been one of the best of my life. Love you fiancé!"

Congrats, Skovbye and Parker!


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