Fans will love the details included.
Models Outside of Courthouse at "This Is Us" Wedding Inspiration Shoot

If you're as infatuated with This Is Us as the rest of the show's loyal fan base, you've likely had the feels over Jack and Rebecca's wedding scene. One photographer tapped into the fictional marriage to inspire a styled wedding shoot, and let's just say the end result does justice to its muse.

Invitation from "This Is Us" Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Karen Rainier, the artist in question, had "been obsessed with the show" since it first aired. "I am a bit of a TV junkie," she shared on her blog, "and I had been trying to think of a completely unique wedding inspiration shoot that hadn't been done yet." After seeing Jack and Rebecca's wedding episode, "it hit me right then and there that I had to do it."

Models Sharing Cupcake at "This Is Us" Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Styling the shoot was no easy feat, requiring a ton of planning and vendor support. But the work certainly paid off-these photographs are so accurate. Staples from the TV wedding were carefully integrated into the shots, like the Rebecca-inspired bridal attire that was perfectly on-point.

The courthouse celebration wasn't the only thing referenced, either. "I decided it was ok to include details from different times in their relationship since the show skips back and forth so much," shared Rainier of her creative vision. Hence, the "muffin" cupcake montage (remember when Rebecca forgot Jack's birthday?) and the apartment decorated to resemble the characters' anniversary scene. Other details included Rebecca's moon necklace and a nod to Jack's Pittsburg Steelers towel.

Props from "This Is Us" Wedding Inspiration Shoot

The whole thing was tied together with the help of some all-star models. Peter and Emily-a real-life couple-had a natural spark on set.

Models in Bathroom at "This Is Us" Wedding Inspiration Shoot

"Now that I have done this shoot, I guess I can claim my true fan-girl status for all things This Is Us," wrote Rainier on her blog. "So thankful I was able to collaborate with a fabulous team of vendors and amazing models-turned-friends who helped me make this little idea of mine come to life!!"

Our take on the photographs? Details are everything, so think about the meaningful things that you can bring into your wedding. Check out the full shoot on Rainier's blog and be sure to peep the vendors list for all of the amazing credits.


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