Your girlfriend's dream proposal is already written in the stars.

While you might not prescribe to the declarations of the solar system, astrology can help you to better understand your significant other. That's why being educated about your girlfriend's zodiac sign may help you plan her dream proposal. Though any astrologer will tell you there's much more to a person than their horoscope, their Sun sign can give you some serious insight. "A person's Sun sign is based on the section of the sky the Sun was in when they were born. It describes how they experience life and express their individuality. Tailoring a proposal to a woman's Sun sign means you are speaking to her true inner self," explains Jay Austin, a partner at Austin Fischer Astrogenomics.

If you're thinking about popping the question this year, follow these professional recommendations for each sign and you'll be well on your way to planning the perfect proposal.

Aries: Jump head first, but choose your words carefully.

Austin explains that Aries are considered the newborsn of the zodiac because they're fresh, open, and ready for spontaneity. "It is not in their nature to look at all sides, to carefully consider all options, to wait and see. Instead, they want to take action now and look back later, if at all," he explains. This is why a marriage proposal to an Aries should be done in an "all-in" manner. In other words? Don't take your time. Clairvoyant Yolanda Shoshana does caution that in your race to the bended knee, to be mindful of your words. "Make sure you have a well thought out proposal that shows off how much you appreciate her. After the excitement, an Aries will replay everything in her mind," she says.

Taurus: Take it slow and keep it simple.

As an Earth sign, Taurus women love stability and dependability, and, as Austin explains, they're not in a rush and they don't adapt to change well. You need to build a Taurus's trust, little-by-little over time. "Show them you're something worth sticking with, and that will speak to their deepest self. If you've been dating forever and things are going well, she won't be in a hurry for you to put a ring on it-so it may be up to you to take the initiative," he explains. When you are ready to move forward and make it official, Austin says to expect a long engagement and consider proposing in a garden, as a Taurus is stimulated by the senses. But don't be over the top, Shoshana says, especially since this sign is more traditional by nature. "She likes it when things are practical. No big productions. She would want to share the moment only with you," she explains.

Gemini: Remember the fine details-especially your words.

Your Gemini lady may talk a lot but it's because of how much she loves words and language, that's why what you say during your proposal is so important. "Quoting a favorite passage or poem, or writing something original and personal, will touch her heart-or rather her head, as Gemini is an Air sign and therefore lives in her thoughts and ideas most of the time," he explains. But don't get too intense. Instead, keep the proposal, fun, upbeat, and meaningful. Shoshana recommends proposing on a hike or when you're strolling through botanical gardens. "A Gemini is chill about most things. She would rather you spend money on other things than a get flashy proposal. It's the little things that mean a lot for this lady," she adds.

Cancer: Make family the center of the question.

At the heart of a cancer isn't just her creative spirit, her deep understanding of others' emotions, or the way she can make any place a home. Instead, it's her family. Austin says a Cancer woman's end goal is to be mom. "This is what she wants out of marriage: a home and a family. Show her that you can be a good provider. If you make her feel safe, you will enjoy all of the caring and emotion that this water sign can give," he explains. Shoshana says making both of your families part of the proposal will go a long way. "She loves being surrounded by family and friends. Sharing this moment with them will be something that will she always remember. Home is always where her heart is," she says.

Leo: Go big or don't ask.

If you're going to get down on a bended knee for this woman, you better have a plan. And by a plan, we mean a production. Though Leo is considered the most generous and warmest sign in the zodiac, your gal also wants to be the center of attention. On an everyday basis, she seeks ongoing positive feedback from a lot of people, so her proposal should make her feel one-of-a-kind. "Leo is the sign of royalty, so treat her like the queen. And her love of ornamentation means you'll need to pony up when it comes to the rock," Austin says. Shoshana suggests making a grand gesture as big as you can, preferably in public so she can bask of the glory of "We're engaged!" for all to see.

Virgo: Make it romantic and unique to your love story.

As the matron of the zodiac (and the most feminine of all signs), Virgos don't just love romance-they need it. And don't forget that she truly values old school romance, Shoshana adds. Not only does she need to feel loved, but she feels the need to make you feel loved, too. This sign is incredibly smart and organized, but they like to decompress with a romance novel or a rom-com. That's why there's nothing too romantic for this sign. They want one true love (that's you!), and they want the bended knee, the flowers, and the love poem to go with it. But remember that your Virgo love will appreciate attention to detail, and she'll be especially impressed if you've made the proposal true to who you both are.

Libra: Make it intimate.

As the ultimate sign of partnerships, Austin says you better be on top of your game when you're about to propose to a Libra. Women who fall under this Sun sign are considered classy and sophisticated, and they'll want a high price tag on their proposal. "You can appeal to their refined sense of style with all the classics: Champagne, roses, a fancy dinner. If any sign would revel in a proposal at the Eiffel Tower, it's a Libra," Austin says.

Scorpio: Talk to her friends first.

You and your Scorpio love have a great physical connection, but Austin says her self-protective, secretive nature will make it a bit more difficult to crack into her deepest feelings. Even if you've been dating forever, it will take Scorpio a while to express that she's ready to take the next step. In fact, she might even tell her closest confidants before she clues you in. "Scorpios are the zodiac's detectives; they like secrets and investigation. Why not create a series of clues or take the escape room route when proposing?," Austin suggests. Shoshana is careful to add that while you may have to patient, when you do propose, make sure you're sincere about what you're feeling: "You don't have to cry, but if you don't wear your heart on your sleeve, she will wonder why you even bothered," she says.

Sagittarius: Propose on a trip.

More than anything else, intuition and free-spirited vibes guide your Sagittarius girlfriend. "This is a big-picture sign, so they'll sort out the details later or leave it to you. They love travel and learning, anything that expands their horizons and broadens their view of the world," Austin explains. While she may be hard to pin down since she's always on the go, if you want to capture her attention (and keep her heart), plan a proposal while you're traveling together. "Select an exotic location. A Sag loves to travel due to her adventurous nature. She is filled with an abundance of wanderlust. Your girl will want to snap copious amounts of photos to document where she said 'yes,'" Shoshana says.

Capricorn: Don't delay and be prepared with a plan.

You don't need us to tell you that your girlfriend is the captain of her own ship. She always comes prepared, knows exactly what she wants, and wants it when she wants it. That means she's not just hinting that she wants to get married-she's providing instructions. "If marriage is on her mind, she's ready for the next chapter in life. Let's just say, she already knows what dress she wants, she's just waiting on you to say those four life-changing words," Shoshana says. She also seeks that same attitude in her partner. "Make sure she knows that you have a plan," Austin adds.

Aquarius: Get creative.

You'll need to use your imagination when you propose to your Aquarian lady. Because they are curious by nature, she'll be quick to raise an eyebrow if she thinks something is up, so Shoshana warns to keep it mum. For her, anything that's out of the box, unusual, or interesting will make her the happiest. "Paradoxically, they don't really care what anyone thinks. Tie your proposal into their favorite charity or cause to make that ultimate connection," he says.

Pisces: Propose near water.

Of all of the signs, Pisces is the most emotional and sensitive. You may already see how much alone time your girl needs to decompress and recharge after being around crowds of people, so give it to her. She's very tuned in to how others feel and her dreams for her own life. That's why your proposal should show her how much you care and value her, just as she is. "Pisces feels at home at the ocean or on a lake, making the perfect setting for your proposal. Or tap into her one of her fantasies and literally be her knight in shining armor," Austin says.


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