She made it!
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Credit: Getty Images

From public polo outings to first holidays together, it's pretty clear Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are serious about each other. But Markle arriving as Harry date to Pippa Middleton's wedding reception? That takes this couple's intentions to a whole new level of commitment.

As mentioned previously, although the Suits actress didn't attend the church ceremony itself, it was Harry's plan all along to bring her as his date to the more informal reception at the Middleton's Buckleberry home that evening. And he didn't disappoint! A source told People that Markle was ready and waiting in London during the morning service–and that Harry took advantage of the several hours-long break between ceremony and reception to retrieve her.

What did other wedding guests do during their free time? Many were spotted around the nearby town in their black tie attire, although their number didn't seem to include Prince William, Kate, or their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who looked absolutely adorable in their roles as page boy and bridesmaid earlier in the day! One more sign that this may have been the wedding of the year? Wedding guests were chauffeured to the reception in Range Rovers after being checked by security in town.

Although Harry and Markle have already been wedding dates once before, and could even be prepping for Markle's future life as a British royal, her appearance at an event of this magnitude certainly indicates just how serious the pair is about their future together. Let's just say we'll be on engagement ring watch–just in case.


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