You may want to reprioritize your plans once you hear what these women have to say.

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No matter what happens, you'll always look back on your wedding day with a smile. But that doesn't mean that every detail you've been worrying about is really worth it. To help you plan ahead, four recent brides are sharing the one thing they wish they had done differently while planning their weddings, and why they wish they could go back now.

Trying to please everyone.

You want all of your guests to enjoy your wedding day, so it's very normal to try and please everybody. Recent bride Katie B. says you need to nip that thinking in the bud. "The biggest regret I had from the wedding day was feeling like I needed to please everyone in our family so feelings weren't hurt. My parents are divorced, so I have both a stepdad and a biological father that played a huge role in raising me," she explains. "I did not want to have to pick between the two of them to walk me down the aisle. I ended up walking with both of them in each arm, and it worked for us. But I wish I would have done away with the tradition and just walked down with my mom. We have a much closer relationship and I feel like it would have been a special moment for us."

Not splurging on photography.

Take it from recent bride Avery T.: Splurging on that wedding photographer you love is totally worth it. "It's the one day in your life that you want spectacular photos taken. Don't just let your best friend's cousin's boyfriend do it because he's wanting to get his start in photography," she says. "Seriously, go for the best of the best."

Choosing a huge bridal party.

Sarah L. says she asked 11 women to be her bridesmaids, but some of those relationships changed over the course of her year-long engagement. "All of them meant so much to me at the time when I was asking, but two of those friendships changed," she explains. "They were distant while wedding planning and hard to get a hold of when I wasn't a part of the 'single' crew anymore. It was heartbreaking. It's difficult now to look back on wedding photos and see faces of people that you just aren't as close with anymore. Really think carefully about who you're asking to share the most important day of your life with."

Skipping the first look.

"I really wish my husband and I had done a first look," says Brittany B. "It would have been a really special time for the both of us to talk before the craziness of all of the festivities. Break away from some traditions and do what you want with your one special day."


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