Read what the big brother had to say.
Derek Hough and Julianne Hough dancing

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich tied the knot this past weekend on a lake in Idaho. While we've heard what the bride and the groom had to say, we've been waiting on Hough's brother, Derek, to speak out. Now, he's finally shared his thoughts on the wedding, telling People all about the big day.

Hough called the wedding "a timeless, magical, romantic experience that was truly perfect in every way." Talk about a glowing evaluation! The celebration's location, where he and his sister vacationed growing up, had a special impact on the dancer. "There is so much sentimental history on that lake that having an experience which celebrates love created an electric and palpable energy that was felt every minute of every day we were there." According to Hough, the event "captured everyone's hearts and filled them with more love than we could have hoped for."

"Everything from the hot, beautiful weather during the fun lake activities, to the welcome and rehearsal dinners where we danced with friends and family all night long, to the most perfect ceremony I have ever seen where I witnessed my baby sister marry the man of her dreams," he added.

Hough's favorite part of the wedding weekend was the couple's reception entrance. "Seeing my sister ride in on this ridiculous two-seater James Bond looking StanCraft boat while her veil blew in the wind was one of the coolest things I've ever seen," he told People. "When she and her new husband rolled up to the dock in that one of a kind boat, we all cheered. And then we danced the night away under the stars with the best firework display I have ever seen timed to perfection with the music of their first dance."

Derek Hough's a great big brother, and an even better wedding reviewer. We sure hope he gave a toast!


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