Here are the pros and cons.
sweetheart table

Sitting at a sweetheart table-or a two-person table reserved just for the bride and groom-during your reception ensures that you and your new husband or wife get a little alone time during the party. But not every couple loves the idea of dining solo on the big day. If you're on the fence about having a sweetheart table, you're not alone. Many couples spend some time considering whether they'd like to sit alone, at a one-sided wedding party table, or at a table surrounded by all of their closest family and friends. To help you make your decision, we're breaking down the pros and cons of sitting at a sweetheart table.

Pro: You can connect with your new spouse over dinner.

Everyone will be trying to get your attention throughout cocktail hour and the reception, so taking a little time to sit together and enjoy your dinner can feel really special. With the exception of your first look, this may be the only opportunity you have for one-on-one conversation on your wedding day-not to mention your only chance to eat something!

Con: You won't be sitting with your best friends or your parents.

Many couples want to sit with their friends or family, clanking glasses and sharing a meal at the same table. With that said, many couples report that they never had a chance to sit down during the reception, so an empty space at the table may feel strange to those seated beside you.

Pro: You can frame a pretty backdrop for speeches.

A sweetheart table clearly designates where speeches will take place and provides a great opportunity for you to make that backdrop a pretty one. Some couples opt to hang something decorative behind the table while others prefer to keep the vibe clean and simple. Either way, a sweetheart table usually sets the scene for a good photo op.

Con: You might feel like you're on display.

The designated table often makes couples feel like they're on display throughout the wedding. While that's a good reason for some to do it, it's a big turn off for others. If you prefer to blend into the crowd, even on your wedding day, this probably isn't the best option for you.

Pro: You have the best vantage point.

You can place your sweetheart table just about anywhere in the room, but most couples opt to place it where they're most visible to guests. This, of course, means that you'll probably be able to see all your guests, too, which is something many brides and grooms love.

Con: You may be less likely to stay seated.

With no other guests sitting nearby, you may feel the need to get up, greet each table, and mingle a bit during dinner. Many couples choose to do this regardless of their own seating arrangement, but you may feel an even bigger push to move about the room when you're sitting alone.


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