The bride doesn't always have to be the only one in white.

By Jenn Sinrich
October 23, 2018
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While the color white has been reserved for brides for the better part of the last couple centuries, it wasn't always an off-limits color for bridesmaids or wedding attendees. In fact, prior to the Victorian Era, a bride would wear the best dress in her closet on her wedding day, no matter what color or style it might have been says celebrity stylist Amber Alexandria. "It wasn't until 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in a white wedding dress, that this new practice came about." Alas, it seems we've been following the wedding-day trends set by the royals ever since.

Historically, Alexandria explains, bridesmaids wore the same color as the bride to confuse evil spirits or those that wished harm on the bride. That means that the "new" trend of white bridesmaids' dresses isn't really all that new at all. Even so, style experts are loving it. Alexandria thinks dressing your bridesmaids in variations of white complements the bride's look more than any other color palette. And Toni Ferrara, a celebrity stylist who's dressed Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Beckinsale, says a group of women wearing all-white dresses looks classy and timeless. Here, more reasons why the pros love to see a bridal party dressed in white gowns, plus why they hope the trend won't go out of style anytime soon.

White dresses are always in style.

There's nothing worse than looking back on your wedding day and cringing at your style choices. By dressing your 'maids in white, you likely avoid any fashion regret. "No matter the decade, when you break out the old wedding photos to show generations of family and friends, the classic look will always be fashionable-maybe not 'in,' but fashionable," Alexandria explains. Plus, you're honoring an old-school tradition with this decision.

It looks incredibly chic.

In Alexandria's opinion, there's nothing more beautiful and angelic than an all-white look. "Carrying this concept over to your wedding day elevates the ambience and mood of the celebration and makes for beautiful and classic images to last a lifetime," she says. A group of women dressed in white gowns always looks chic, put together, and refined.

White dresses are versatile.

Whether you're getting married on a beach or in an opulent mansion, a bridal party wearing all-white dresses will complement your venue, Alexandria says. Your group can also accessorize as they see fit and are more likely to wear white dresses again in the future.

It coordinates with the flower girl.

Traditionally, the flower girl wears white, so it only makes sense to have the bridesmaids match. It makes for one cohesive group-and photographs beautifully. "Those photos last a long time, and who doesn't want their big day to be absolutely picture perfect?" says Ferrara.


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