You know who should give a toast at the wedding, but what about at the shower?

Bridal showers are known for the mega gift-opening sessions and the traditional games guests play (toilet-paper wedding dress, anyone?). What they're not known for? Speeches. Although they're not required, that's not to say they shouldn't still be given. Like the best wedding-day ones, bridal shower speeches should be heartfelt but brief. Here's a rundown of who might choose to step up to the mic to say a few words during this special pre-wedding party.

The hosts.

Whether it's family members or friends, the people throwing the shower should extend a warm and sincere welcome to attendees. As with anyone giving a speech, the hosts should identify themselves in relation to the bride-guests from the groom's side will appreciate it.

The bride.

In addition to thanking the hosts for organizing such a beautiful bridal shower, you'll also want to thank your family and friends for coming and for showing their support as you planned the wedding. Since the day is all about you, don't talk too long-you shouldn't be the keynote speaker!

The maid of honor.

It's not required, but it's nice to have the maid of honor say a few words, assuming she's not the host and hasn't already spoken. She could share a few special memories she has of the bride or tell a funny anecdote about the couple.

The bride's mom.

Like her daughter, the mother of the bride should thank everyone for coming and give a shout-out to anyone who came from afar or who had to make a special effort to be there, such as an elderly relative. She could share a meaningful anecdote or two from the bride's childhood-something that's poignant but not embarrassingly personal. If guests sob quietly, Mom has done her job!

The groom's mom.

There are few wedding-related occasions where his mom gets to shine. Why not let her say a few words at the shower about her incoming daughter-in-law and the happiness she brings to her son?


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