Going on a date isn't your only option for ringing in your first year as husband and wife.
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Going on a date is an obvious way to celebrate your first anniversary as a married couple, but you have many years ahead of you to go out to a nice dinner. Why not shake it up with something a little more celebratory? Here are seven ideas that are perfect for marking the very special occasion.

Have people over for dinner.

Host a dinner party and invite all your wedding MVPs. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, ushers, or anyone else who was a big help throughout the planning of your wedding could be invited over for an elegant four-course dinner (the perfect excuse to break out your wedding china!), a backyard BBQ, or even an evening of pizza and wine.

Enjoy a remake of your wedding-day cake.

There's a dirty rumor out there that eating the top layer of your wedding cake on your one-year anniversary is good luck. The problem with this rumor? Year old cake doesn't taste very good, even if it has been frozen correctly. Instead, consider reaching out to your wedding cake maker to bake a fresh cake of whichever flavor was your partner's favorite at your wedding.

Spend the night at a hotel.

Book a staycation at your favorite hotel or the hotel where you got ready for your wedding day. The two of you can re-live the highlight reel of memories from your wedding weekend and flip through old photos while waxing poetic about how crazy and amazing the past year has been.

Invest in something as a couple.

Whether you purchase a small boat, a pair of vintage bicycles, a great piece of furniture, or a piece of property, the idea is to celebrate your commitment to one another by purchasing something you'll both treasure together for years to come.

Go on a delayed honeymoon.

Heading on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding can mean spending too many days out of the office and that isn't feasible for every couple. Instead, plan to go on your honeymoon as your one-year anniversary gift to each other.

Learn something new together.

If you've both been thinking about learning to speak Italian or have talked about building a vegetable garden, sign up to tackle the task together. Shared experiences are the key to any successful relationship.

Support a cause that's meaningful to both of you.

If you can afford to donate money to an organization you're both passionate about, that's a great way to celebrate your love for each other. If you can only donate your time, consider volunteering together for a few days during your anniversary month.


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