We asked the experts at New York City's Paintbox salon to fill us in on the modern mani trend.
gold stripe nail art
Credit: Courtesy of Paintbox

If you're searching for a way to help your wedding day manicure stand out in a sea of neutrals, you might want to put nail art on your radar. Enter Paintbox, the New York City-based salon known for turning bare nails into miniature pieces of modern art with inspired designs, two-tone color schemes, and intriguing textures. And, thanks to their brand new bridal menu, their artists now officially offer specific nail art looks that were designed with the bride-to-be in mind. The best part? You don't have to be planning a futuristic fête to try the trend. "Our bridal look book is broken up into categories to make it super simple for anyone to be able to choose her look based on her mood and style," explains Julie Kandalec, Paintbox's Creative Director. Here, she gives a little insight into wedding nail art trends and her advice for brides who want big day manis with a side of Matisse.

The French manicure is on its way out.

At least, it is in New York City, says Kandalec. Instead, women most frequently asked for design like thin lines of glitter, glitter ombré, and crescent slivers. Just as popular? A straight wash of sheer pink or peach-looks like your favorite neutral is safe for another season.

Glitter is on the rise.

"We see a full range of classic to sparkly, but there's definitely a lot of glitter going on during wedding season!" reveals Kandalec. Not sure what type of glitter to ask for? Look to your engagement ring for the perfect sparkly shade, she suggests. "A bride will always lean towards milky whites, sheer pinks, and pale blush pinks, but I always suggest a bit of sparkle in the same color as her engagement ring." A lilac base, she adds, is also up and coming.

glitter nail art
Credit: Courtesy of Paintbox

Nail art won't overpower the rest of your look.

So you can rest assured. For brides who want to keep things subtle, Kandalec designed Luxe 03 (solid peach base with two squiggly lines) and Graphic 01 (light pink base with a skinny asymmetrical curve). "I designed Luxe 03 to be more than a solid nail but not overpowering," she says. "Graphic 01 is so minimal-it provides asymmetrical visual interest that's more than just an angled stripe."

Classic brides can get in on the fun, too.

Just because you don't describe yourself as modern doesn't mean nail art isn't for you. Kandalec created the "Classic" range with this specific woman in mind-and recommends she start with Classic 01, which is created with opal foil. "It adds just the right amount of glamour to your nails to still be considered classic," she adds. "Plus, it'll softly reflect whatever color you're wearing, making it the perfect chameleon shade."

Nail art can be tailored around any nail length-but aim to grow them out.

"All lengths can be beautiful, but having some length for your wedding nails makes them more elegant for the formal occasion," she continues. "Also, I love an almond shape-it's more timeless than square!"

Do this to make your nail art last through the honeymoon.

Get gel, says Kandalec. "Since gel lasts two to three weeks, it's definitely best to have it for the honeymoon. That way you can focus more on sipping piña coladas by the pool, rather than filing your nails by the pool!"


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