25 Festive Christmas Tree-Inspired Wedding Ideas

christmas tree
Claire Morgan

There's a reason Christmas trees are popular well before and after Christmas. The decorated plants prevail from the time just after Thanksgiving up until New Year's Day, mostly due to the emotions they evoke. Christmas trees are often sentimental, especially when decorated with meaningful ornaments, or when present at family gatherings year after year. They also inspire excitement and wonder, as we anxiously await opening the gifts stored beneath them.

Aside from their emotional elements, Christmas trees are just plain pretty, and can even be awe-inspiring when they're tall and festive enough. The options are nearly endless when it comes to adorning them, and when they're real, their good looks are complemented by their lovely scents.

While we're talking Christmas trees up, might we suggest incorporating them into your wintertime wedding? Tons of brides and grooms have used them for holiday and seasonal affairs alike, whether they went with actual trees or included tree-inspired details instead. We've seen wedding stationery with tree motifs, wedding ceremonies with tree-lined aisles, wedding receptions with ornaments-turned-escort cards, and much, much more.

As you're planning your festive winter event, keep Christmas trees in mind. The décor elements are stunning in their classic form, or reimagined in new, creative ways. To help you plan, we put together a list of some non-cheesy Christmas tree-inspired wedding ideas. These work well for pre-wedding events and the big day itself, and no matter which one you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed, not to mention filled with Christmastime joy.

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Festive Place Settings

christmas place setting
Lori Blythe Photography

This Christmas tree-inspired place setting was adorably festive.

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Outdoor Decorations

Andre Jenny / Alamy

Choose a ceremony venue where you can decorate outside, or one that's known for having pretty Christmas trees out front.

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Ceremony Backdrop

ceremony aisle pine trees
Melissa Kelsey Photography

Place a row of medium-sized trees behind the spot where you plan to exchange your vows.

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Tree-Like Desserts

Vicki Grafton Photography

This Christmastime wedding had a croquembouche dessert, which deliciously resembled a Christmas tree.

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Ornament Favors

ornament wedding favor
Weddings by Nicola and Glen

Hang favors for guests on a Christmas tree at your reception. You can either personalize them, or provide a range of options and have attendees choose the one they like best to take home.

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Farm Venue

table christmas tree farm
Lori Blythe Photography

A Christmas-tree farm is a unique setting for a rehearsal dinner or other pre-wedding event, not to mention the nuptial celebration itself.

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Christmas Proposal

Rebecca Haley Photography

Embrace Christmas trees even before the wedding. This groom-to-be surprised his future bride with a proposal written on a Christmas ornament.

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Christmas Seating Display

christmas seating cards
Steve Cowell Photography

At this holiday celebration, guests' names and table assignments were written on Christmas ornaments.

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Tree Centerpieces

evergreen tree centerpiece
Pat Furey Photography

These small evergreen centerpieces were both rustic and festive.

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Alternative Christmas Trees

wedding trees
Lacie Hansen Photography

Escort cards hung from the branches of barren trees at this wintertime wedding. The seating displays looked like modern Christmas trees.

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Evergreen Accents

Maura Mcevoy

If you don't want actual trees at your wedding, small sprigs are a subtle alternative. These ones were fastened to the wedding's programs.

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Christmas Gift Station

christmas tree
Kelli Durham

Have guests place their wedding gifts beneath a Christmas tree, just like they would with Christmas presents.

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Tall Trees

winter reception venue
Henry + Mac

At this holiday celebration, large Christmas trees framed the venue's fireplace.

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Festive Garlands

ceremony venue hanging garlands
Jen Huang

The way these garlands were hung mimics the pointed shape of a Christmas tree, making for abstract, tree-inspired ceremony décor.

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Festive Backdrops

christmas tree wedding dessert
Viera Photographics

A lit-up Christmas tree will look lovely in the background of any wedding photo.

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Warm Lighting

christmas tree
Josh Elliott Photography

Give your wedding a comforting glow with the help of classic Christmas trees.

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Lounge Seating

celina rob wedding virginia lounge
Abby Jiu Photography

Make your wedding lounge feel extra cozy with a lit Christmas tree for décor.

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Mini Trees

winter wedding cakes
Jacque Lynn

Mini evergreen trees can be placed on your gift table, dessert table, or wherever else you want for a Christmastime touch.

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Tree Motifs

Yellow and Gray Wedding Invitations
James & Schulze

Christmas-tree motifs can be sprinkled throughout your event. This wedding's welcome bag featured pretty evergreen trees.

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Festive Portraits


Posing in front of a Christmas tree is a timeless choice for a holiday celebration.

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Tree-Inspired Stationery

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Pine trees make pretty accents on wedding stationery. Add ornaments, bows, or other decorations to them for save-the-dates and invites that are even more festive.

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Indoor Trees


Big evergreen trees were placed beside the tables at this wedding.

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Tree Favors

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Let your guests take home mini trees to plant in their backyards.

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Unique Christmas Tree

Kate Headley

Christmas trees don't have to be basic. This wedding included a large, red version, which was made from beautiful poinsettias.

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Christmas Tree Ornament

Kate Headley

Fill your welcome bags with holiday-related goodies, including a mini tree-shaped ornament.

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