Show your loved ones how much you appreciate them.
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Sure, your wedding is all about you and your new husband or wife, but it wouldn't be the special event it is without the love and support of your family and friends. That's why it's nice to show your wedding guests how much you care about them on the big day. If you want to convey your gratitude, consider incorporating a few thoughtful details loved ones are sure to appreciate on the wedding day. Here, a wedding planner shares some of the nicest things you can do for your guests.

Free Rides

Some of the most thoughtful gestures aren't the most creative, but rather the most practical. "If a wedding is at a location that doesn't have a vast area for parking or your guests are coming from different cities and may not be staying in nearby hotels, having shuttles or busses transporting everyone from one location to the wedding site is really helpful," suggests Michelle French, associate planner at Amber Events. If you're not able to coordinate travel on a massive scale, there's still a way to help your guests get from A to B easily and safely. "You can contact Uber or Lyft and pre-purchase rides for your guests to use the day or night of your event," she adds. A party where you can eat, drink, and dance the night away without having to worry about how you'll get home? That's a detail guests are sure to be thankful for.

Personalized Goodies

Who doesn't love a goodie bag waiting for them in their hotel room? Filled with snacks and other wedding-day essentials, welcome bags have become a popular option at many affairs-but there's one way to take them up a notch. "We've seen brides customize their bags to each of their guests," she says. Taking the time to incorporate each person's favorite snack is a small detail that goes a long way-especially after working up an appetite on the dance floor.

Time to Mingle

Time goes by so quickly during the wedding, and with a guest list of loved ones who have come from near and far to share it with you, one of the nicest gifts you can give them is your time. To ensure everyone gets the face time they're craving, French suggests hosting welcome cocktails or a post-wedding brunch. "We like to recommend either option because it's a lovely way for everyone to spend additional time together," she says.


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