The athlete shared how he's supporting his fiancé as she prepares for the halftime show—and hinted at the major surprises to come.

By Hannah Nowack
January 31, 2020
jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez
Credit: Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez never passes up a moment to show his support for fiancée Jennifer Lopez. As the superstar prepares to perform during the halftime show of the 54th Super Bowl in Miami, Florida, her soon-to-be husband is cementing his spot as her number-one fan. In addition to heaping praises on Lopez, Rodriguez also teased what fans can expect from Sunday's performance.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former MLB player said, "It's gonna be an unbelievable show, I was just in the building a couple of days ago, the energy, the magic. I mean, you can just feel the importance and the magnitude of the game, but what's really great is you're gonna have Shakira, and obviously you're going to have Jennifer, and there's so many surprises that you're going to be blown away by. And the fact that you can only see this on Fox, and along the way, besides with Dan Marino, I'm gonna be doing live hits from the house and from the locker room, prepping everybody, just a little insight into what Jennifer is up to."

"I want the fans at home to be able to capture on our socials and on Fox all the things that happened before the big moment," he continued. Beyond promising that sports fans will get to see more than what's broadcast on television, thanks to behind-the-scenes social media posts, Rodriguez hinted that the performance may be a family affair. After Lopez posted an image of her daughter Emme visiting rehearsals, many were quick to speculate whether any of the couple's children would make an appearance on stage. And Rodriguez's reaction? Well, he wasn't quick to deny the reports! "I think you have great, great info. I think there's—exactly what you said, and I'm gonna leave it right there because...If you keep this interview up, I'm going to be demoted to Uber driver and security for Jennifer, so I think it's gonna be great," he said.

The star finished his interview by taking yet another opportunity to praise his soon-to-be wife. "This has been a lifelong dream for Jennifer, she's worked so hard, and I cannot wait to see it."


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