Yes, this really does happen.

By Jenn Sinrich
January 09, 2019
Credit: Getty Images/VictorCap

If there's one day of your life where you get to be the absolute center of attention for a solid 24 hours, it's your wedding day. While most brides get to soak up this spotlight the way they deserve to, others get upstaged. In other words, someone or something steals attention away from you and becomes the focal point of the hour or even the entire evening. Luckily, most wedding guests are polite and respectful of the bride and groom's special day. They don't wear anything too outlandish, remember to put their phones on silent, and are well-behaved even throughout a rowdy cocktail hour and boozy reception. However, this isn't always the case.

Meghan L. thought that the last person to cause a scene on her wedding day and upstage her in the process would be her best friend and maid of honor, Cara. "She was always there for me and was so excited about celebrating my wedding day-she loves my now-husband!" Meghan shares. That's why it was such a shocker when Cara started over-indulging at the mimosa bar while the group got ready. "By the time our ceremony was about to start, Cara was passed out and incapable of walking down the aisle. It was horrifying and embarrassing. Luckily, I had seven other bridesmaids, so my soon-to-be sister-in-law stepped in as maid of honor."

When Vanessa C.'s wedding day arrived, she was more than ready for her time in the spotlight. She and her then-fiancée, Kevin, were high school sweethearts who dated for a whopping 12 years before getting engaged; they spent an additional two years planning the wedding, so when the big day came around, the couple had been waiting 14 years to say "I do." "I felt like I'd been waiting for this day to happen for my entire life, probably because I'd been dating Kevin for almost half of it!" she says. The last thing she expected to happen on her day was what inevitably did-her younger brother announced to her entire family that he and his girlfriend of ten months were expecting a baby. "At the end of the day I'm happy for him, but I couldn't believe he had the nerve to spread his news on the most important day of my life. Instead of my family, friends, and relatives gushing over every detail of my wedding, I could constantly hear them laughing and making jokes in good humor about how my brother was on a fast track to a family. It really hurt."

Although Heidi B. says she wasn't really upstaged on her wedding day, she explains that the only date available for the month she and her now-husband were looking to get married fell on her mom's birthday. Inevitably (and with her mother's blessing!) they chose the date, but the couple thoughtfully planned to have a small birthday cake during the reception so their guests could help celebrate the mother of the bride, too. "I was bothered about getting married on a date that was 'already taken,' but quickly realized that, regardless of the date, it was still all about us starting our new life together," she says. "The birthday cake for my mom was my way of making her feel special on her birthday, even though the whole day had been focused on me."

While Ilana S. herself didn't experience such an upstaging, she grew up with the story of a major incident that went down at her parents' wedding-one that she and her whole family will never forget. Ilana says that her father's parents had always hoped that he would join the family business and take over their auto parts store, but he had other aspirations. He wanted to put his degree in engineering to good use, and his soon-to-be wife, Ilana's mother, supported him in his endeavors. That inevitably led to a huge fallout between the groom-to-be and his parents. For this reason, they were uninvited to the wedding; however, that didn't stop them from coming. "My dad's parents and brothers showed up unannounced during the ceremony!" she describes. "Thankfully, my grandpa on my mom's side was friends with the police commissioner of Chicago and he was able to escort them out, but what a crazy way to upstage somebody!"


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