Let the latest in wedding technology serve as your "something new."

Transform the way you plan your wedding with these surges in technology! These new tools are super easy to operate and a ton of fun to use. From an alternative to handwritten thank-you notes to 3D-printed cake toppers, you can now impress your guests with these digital updates for old traditions.

Speechbooth: The New Guest Book

Instead of writing notes in a traditional guest book, Speechbooth lets your guests record video messages, toasts, and speeches throughout the night. You'll be able to see all the raw footage, an edited version of all the speeches, and even compile all the best speeches into two-minute highlight reel.

ThankView: The New Thank-You Note

Okay, well you can't get out of writing a handwritten thank-you note (some old-school etiqutte will always apply!), but now you can also record a personalized video message for every guest at your wedding. With Thankview e-cards, you can send digital thank-yous to friends and family. They'll love hearing your gratitude out loud, making the thank-you that much more meaningful.

QR Codes: The New RSVP

The latest helpful addition to your wedding website? QR codes! Add a QR code to your invitation so that your guests can RSVP using the barcode and easily navigate to your wedding website, registry, directions to the venue, and even add the wedding to their calendar. The QR code is a huge bonus for the husband- and wife-to-be as well: It allows them to easily keep track of who has RSVP'd. You can add a QR code to your seating chart or even your photos and wedding video so guests can look back on your wedding online with you.

3D-Printed Cake Topper: The New Cake Topper

Instead of a traditional cake topper (you know, the one with the bride and groom or cutesy saying), Captured Dimensions can make a cake topper that looks exactly like you and your husband. How? With a 3D printer! You and your husband-to-be can go into the studio, get scanned, and come home with mini replicas of yourselves to top off your cake.

3D Systems Sugar Lab: The New Way To Decorate Your Cake

Swap out cake décor like piping and florals for insanely precise sugar decorations made from a 3D printer, 3D Systems' latest expansion into the culinary world. Whether you want to incorporate modern geometric shapes or classic elegant designs, elaborate decorations are easy for their ChefJet system, and no cake is too complicated.


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