The pop star has made a point to bond with future father-in-law Stephen Baldwin.

Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin Engaged
Credit: Getty Images

Getting to know your future in-laws can be a nerve-wracking task-you want to make the best impression! For some, it takes a while before the bonding really kicks in, but for one star, the process has been smooth sailing. Justin Bieber was just spotted out with fiancée Hailey Baldwin's dad, and according to an E! News source, the two are already hitting it off.

Over the weekend, Justin and Stephen Baldwin attended CityFest West Michigan together. There, fans captured the future son- and father-in-law laughing and even walking arm-in-arm! Despite the fact that Justin and the Hailey's engagement is fairly new, the E! News insider insists "this isn't surprising." "Stephen and Justin have known each other for fourteen years. As a good future father-in-law, Stephen is making sure to spend time with Justin," the source explained.

This isn't special treatment toward Justin, though: "Stephen was the same way with Alaia's [Hailey's sister] husband before they married. Stephen made a point to do activities with him and attend events together to really give them a chance to get closer," the insider added.

It's no wonder Justin and Stephen are on good terms. The singer asked the actor for permission before proposing to his daughter. "Justin wanted to respect tradition," a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "Stephen is a minister, so Justin knew it was important to Stephen that the two have a conversation before he proposed to Hailey," the source added.


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