Complementing your setting with your wedding décor and attire is always a good idea.
jessica ryan wedding reception on ocean view balcony
Credit: Laura Gordon

When you're searching for a wedding venue, you'll probably tour a few spots before finding the one that feels just right. Once you settle on the ideal space, start to take note of the smaller details and ways you can highlight what it is you love about the venue you've chosen. A great way to do this is by choosing a color palette that's a reflection of the space itself.

Take note of any interesting architectural elements.

Take a good look at your venue and see if there's anything you really love about it. Maybe the floors have beautifully aged tile with a medley of bold colors. Or, maybe there's a pair of weathered doors that are painted a striking color you really like. Then, when considering your wedding décor, you might look into colorful lounge furniture with a similar palette to complement those details and really highlight them in the space.

Embrace the property's natural setting.

If your venue has plentiful palm trees and tropical leaves, embrace it rather than fighting it or going in a totally different direction for your wedding flowers. Have a chat with your florist about ways to make your arrangements and backdrops feel like they complement and celebrate the beautiful local surroundings, utilizing flowers and leaves that would be spotted in this environment. Maybe there's some amazing vibrant pink bougainvillea you can bring into your paper materials or a pretty patterned or embroidered napkin for the tables, too.

Check out the lighting during sunset at your venue.

If your venue is modern and not very colorful, check it out in the evening to see if there are great colors that really pop or reflect golden hour or sunset. Maybe some of those softer, pastel hues could be worked into your bridesmaids' dresses or your table linens.

Work with the existing décor.

Whether it's hand-painted wallpaper or a cool, colorful light installation, your venue may have one of those reception rooms with a lot of color already in the space. If so, you have two options. You can cover it up creatively with something like a pretty fabric installation or living wall. Or, you can embrace the unique setting and take your color cues from the focal point. In some settings, that might mean going with more neutral, toned down colors for your wedding palette or picking up some of the colors you like and working with those. Either way, you should be able to use that existing décor to come up with a color palette that works seamlessly within the space.


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