Great ideas for starting your new chapter.
Credit: Kirsten Ellis

Whether your first true love was Mr. Darcy or you're still not over Rhett Butler's final words to Scarlett O'Hara, books have been a big part of your life. If you grew up loving nothing more than curling up with a good read, make your love of the written word a part of your special day. There are endless ways-from the subtle to the blatantly bookwormish-to add a touch of literary magic to any wedding. Here are seven easy ideas for celebrating your love of reading before you start the next chapter in life.

Table Names

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your favorite books into your wedding is to name your tables after them. Sit down with your hubby-to-be and compile a list of the books that have meant the most to you over the years, thinking all the way back to the ones your parents read to you as a child straight through to the titles that you now pick up for fun. If you're more into romance stories, you can also refer to each table as the names of your favorite literary lovers. Try "Gatsby + Daisy" or "Jane Eyre + Mr. Rochester," and have fun decorating the tables with vintage copies of these stories or trinkets that relate to the books.

Guest Book

As your friends and family are signing the guest book at the reception, allow them to also leave a book recommendation in the margins. Whether your wedding is big or small, your guests are bound to have eclectic tastes. From the children's book your six-year-old niece can't get enough of to your aunt's favorite crime thriller, you and your hubby will be cheers-ing to a lifetime of happy reading.

Literary Hot Spots

There's no better place to wed than between the stacks. Many of our nation's most gorgeous libraries, like the George Peabody Library in Baltimore and the New York Public Library, have hosted their fair share of nuptials. For the most bookish of betrothed, consider having your ceremony in a library for a true celebration of love and literature. Bonus points if you can find a writer to officiate.

Wear It

Pages of any literary masterpiece can be turned into beautiful jewelry. Vendors on Etsy sell gorgeous typeset earrings (and cufflinks for your hubby-to-be!) that can include lines from your favorite stories. A little pop of bookish flair is a subtle way to include a love of literature in your wedding.

Wedding Favors

Give your guests the gift of reading. Gather up some secondhand books, tie them with some ribbon, attach a sweet note to thank your guests for coming, and send them on their way! A book is much more memorable than a pack of matches.

Book Arch

If you're really looking to take a novel approach to your wedding, consider using an an arch made of books to your ceremony décor. This gorgeous and unexpected addition means you and your fiancé will have an opportunity to exchange vows beneath your favorite words.


Instead of choosing traditional stationery, think about fun ways to bring in your favorite books. A library card or book return ticket work great for save-the-dates, while a book-style invitation will set the tone for the party, too.


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