20 Wedding Parties That Prove Bridesmaids' Jumpsuits Are Just as Beautiful as Dresses

women standing in front of black brick wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
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This outfit option is fashion-forward, versatile, and flattering.

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women wearing white strapless bridesmaids jumpsuits holding white floral bouqets
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Choosing your bridesmaids' big-day looks can be challenging. You could opt for floor-length gowns, short dresses, or even separates, but nothing seems to check off all the boxes quite like jumpsuits do. It's no wonder this nontraditional option has become a major wedding trend. The look is fashion-forward, versatile, and flattering—plus, the pants component of these garments allows your crew to move freely on the dance floor. Your 'maids may be surprised by your unconventional choice, but we're positive jumpsuits are a look everyone can agree on.

One major misconception about jumpsuits is that they won't work for a classic wedding. This simply isn't the case—in fact, the silhouette can be reinvented to fit any big-day theme. Just take these bridesmaids, for example. Their white Awovi outfits featured floral embellishments and high-waisted pants that were elegant and, best of all, black-tie appropriate. Though jumpsuits can be adapted for a formal celebration, you'll most likely see them at more modern or casual events. If you are planning a laid-back bohemian celebration, consider a lace iteration. Getting hitched overlooking the ocean? A romper (a jumpsuit derivative!) is a beach-appropriate choice for a destination occasion.

If you're considering dressing your bridesmaids in this style, you should know that your options are endless. It's up to you to decide if your ladies' jumpsuits should feel casual or formal (or somewhere in between); you can also tailor their hemlines, necklines, fabrics, and colors to accomplish your vision. If you can't settle on one style (we can't blame you, with all of the pretty options out there!), consider a mismatched look. One thing is for sure: The examples ahead will help you decide which iteration of this look is right for your big day.

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Mismatched White

women posing on roof wearing white bridesmaids jumpsuits
Jenny Smith & Co.

If you'd like your bridesmaids to wear white but are worried they'll take away from your bridal moment, a mix-and-match (but cohesive!) jumpsuit look is the way to go. Since this bridal party wore mismatched versions of the silhouette, the bride stood out in her Rosa Clará gown.

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Unconventional Rompers

jena donny wedding bridesmaids and bride
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If you can't choose between floor-length jumpsuits and rompers, consider a hybrid option. These gray Nomad Boutique garments—their elongated lace overlays don't hide the short components— have the best of both worlds.

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Classic and Refined

women sitting at round table wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
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Just because jumpsuits aren't a traditional bridal party garment doesn't mean they can't work for a classic wedding. An elegant colorway and simple silhouette—these navy jumpsuits exemplify both—will give your attendants a refined look.

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Texturally Interesting

women in desert wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
Ana Lui Photography

Outfitting your bridesmaids in textured jumpsuits is a great way to make matching looks more dynamic, as evidenced by these lace ensembles.

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Flatting Silhouette

wedding party standing in front of forest with women wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
Brooke Womack Photography

These bridesmaids' outfits by Perfect Dress of Rome are proof that jumpsuits can flatter all body types. Each of these ladies felt beautiful in her nude, one-shoulder looks thanks to their defined waistlines and wide-leg pants.

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Shared Spotlight

women wearing white bridesmaids jumpsuits holding greenery bouqets
Eleven:11 Photography

If you hate being the center of attention, share your all-white moment with your 'maids. This bride did just that, but dressed her bridal party in jumpsuits so she wouldn't blend in with her attendants at the altar.

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Lace Romper

women outdoors wearing lace bridesmaids jumpsuits
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Concerned about keeping your bridesmaids cool during your outdoor summer wedding? Dress your best friends in rompers. Ensembles with floor-length lace overlays, like these from Nomad Boutique, allow their legs to breathe (but still offer elegant coverage).

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Cropped Pant

women in front of white brick wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
Forged in the North

Cropped jumpsuits are a great option for bridesmaids who want to show off their shoes. This crew's neutral ensembles enhanced their orange velvet mules (which matched their rustic bouquets).

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Conservative Chic

women wearing white high neckline bridesmaids jumpsuits
Katie Grant Photography

A higher neckline can make a this trendy garment look more traditional. These ensembles by The House Black Built, for example, felt refined (and even matched the bride's look!) thanks to their draped halter tops.

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Matching the Bride

the backs of women wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
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A detail on your bridesmaids' jumpsuits can match or speak to one of your wedding dress' elements. Opt for a collective open back moment (this bride wore a custom design, while her ladies wore ANGL), which will help tie the different looks together.

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Casual Linen

women standing in front of black brick wearing bridesmaids jumpsuits
Matt Lien Photography

If your wedding dress is casual, jumpsuits made of a relaxed fabric are a great option for your bridesmaids. Make like this bride and dress your ladies in linen ensembles, like these Movint ones, for a fresh, but understated fashion moment.

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Cut Out

women standing on lawn wearing high neckline with cutout bridesmaids jumpsuits
Michelle Beller Photography

For a sexier look that's still wedding-day appropriate, dress your ladies in jumpsuits that show a small flash of skin. These Leith ensembles' subtle cut outs added a bold element to the otherwise conservative garments, which featured high necklines.

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Maid of Honor

bridal party posing in front of trees featuring maid of honor wearing jumpsuit
Molliner Photography

Looking for a way to highlight your maid of honor? A jumpsuit should do the trick—just as long as the rest of your bridal party wears dresses.

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Formal Features

women wearing strapless white bridesmaids jumpsuits
O'Malley Photographers

Emulate these bridesmaids and outfit your bridal party in jumpsuits with structured bodices, luxe fabrics, and pleated pants to ensure they look black-tie wedding-ready.

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Statement Pants

women standing on bridge wearing pale blue bridesmaid dresses and jumpsuit
Rachel Pearlman

Fashion-forward ladies looking to make a statement at the altar should consider a wide-leg jumpsuit. This center bridesmaid's look (which was styled by Trousseau Style) was even more impactful than her counterparts' geometric dress and long-sleeved gown thanks to her garment's unique silhouette, which featured bell-bottom pants.

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Accessory Display

women wearing black spaghetti strap bridesmaids jumpsuits
Scarlet O’Neill

Dressing your 'maids in simple jumpsuits? Enhance their looks with accessories. This bridal party elevated their all-black ensembles with blue-and-silver earrings.

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Dress Alternative

women standing with groom wearing mismatched white bridesmaids dresses and jumpsuit
Zoe Morley Photography

If you know that one of your bridesmaids doesn't feel comfortable in a dress, a jumpsuit is a great alternative—just make sure her look speaks to the other 'maids' so she still feels included. This attendant's casual white lace jumper complemented the rest of the ladies' short ivory dresses.

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Mismatched Silhouettes

wedding party standing in front of hedges featuring women wearing mismatched bridesmaids jumpsuits
Heidi Geldhauser-Harris with Our Labor of Love Photography

Asking your bridesmaids to wear different colors is already a bold choice, so why not switch up their silhouettes, too? Enhance your bridal party's mismatched look by displaying a jumpsuit ensemble amongst different style dresses.

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Similar, But Different

kayla michael wedding bridesmaids
Mary Dougherty

If you can't decide between a matching or mixed look for your bridal party, find a designer that offers similar ensembles with minor variations. These ladies wore white Delphine Manivet outfits with matching pockets and pant lengths, but different necklines.

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