15 Beyoncé-Inspired Ways to Rock a Flower Crown for the Wedding

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Bow down, brides. Beyoncé has proved that a flower crown is appropriate for all occasions: She's worn the blooming accessory on the beach, stage, Halloween, and even to her mom's wedding. With the title of "Queen," it only makes sense that she would rock a regal wreath of blooms better than anyone. And because any bride can—and should—slay like Bey on the big day, we're turning to her (and Blue Ivy) for the ultimate in floral wedding accessory inspo.

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White Flower Crown

Beyonce via Instagram

We wouldn't be surprised if Beyoncé woke up wearing a flower crown, in addition to waking up flawless. Case in point: This makeup-free selfie of the artist wearing a lush floral wreath of white roses in front of a painting.

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Braided Hair with Flowers

Beyoncé via Instagram

A crown of braids accented with deep red blooms echoed the lovely shade of Beyoncé's printed dress.

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Lemon Floral Crown

Beyonce via Instagram

During a Father's Day vacation in Hawaii, Beyoncé relaxed with the fam on the beach. Perhaps in a nod to her most recent album, the singer was outfitted in a lemon-yellow wrap, lemon earrings, and a lemon floral crown.

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Crown of Carnations

Beyonce via Instagram

Proof that carnations are making a comeback? Beyoncé just wore a whimsical wreath of them, pinned perfectly into place around her face.

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Music Festival Flower Crown

Courtesy of Beyonce.com

You know what they say: When in Coachella … wear a flower crown. Well, at least they should say that. Even the superstar (pictured here with DJ David Guetta) flaunted a floral accessory for the festival in 2015, paired, ironically, with a black tank that read "Go burn your flower crown."

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Frida Kahlo Flower Crown

Courtesy of Beyonce.com

For Halloween 2014, Beyoncé nailed her interpretation of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo—perhaps the only person in history who is even better known for her floral crowns than Bey.

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Flower Crown for a Wedding

Beyonce via Instagram

The star shared this sweet throwback on Mother's Day: Side-by-side mother-daughter photos. In her grown-up photo, Beyoncé wears a romantic flower crown and long blonde waves at her mom, Tina Knowles's wedding.

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Blue Ivy Easter Flower Crown


If Beyoncé is queen, does that make Blue Ivy a princess? It certainly looks that way in this photo of the four-year-old wearing a thick crown of blooms at an Easter tea party thrown by her mom and Aunt Solange.

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Blue Ivy Flower Crown

Beyonce via Instagram

Yep, this child has style. We love this delicate flower crown in her natural curls.

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Faux Flower Crown

Courtesy of HBO

While performing a song during her On the Run tour, the singer glowed angelically beneath a beautiful faux flower headpiece.

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Tropical Flower Crown

Beyonce via Instagram

Last year, Jay and Bey escaped to Hawaii for an anniversary getaway. A tropical tiara of orange and pink flowers was a must, obviously.

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Flower Crown Selfie

Courtesy of Beyonce.com

And here she is again on the same trip, wearing what looks like another flower crown. Admit it: If you were Bey, you'd wear a different one every day of your vacation, too.

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Beachy Flower Crown

Courtesy of Beyonce.com

Beyoncé knows that the best way to finish off beachy waves is with a pretty pink floral headband.

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Metallic Flower Crown

Beyoncé via Instagram

In Coldplay's "Hymm for the Weekend" music video, Bey donned the most regal faux flower crown we have ever seen, created by New York-based Laurel DeWitt. The headdress boasts blossoms made of petals hand-cut from metal sheets and hand-painted with special ink.

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Matching Flower Crowns

Courtesy of Beyonce.com

Like mother, like daughter! Especially when it comes to playfully posing with pretty flowers in their hair on this Mediterranean vacation.

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