The dancer spilled on her honeymoon and married life.
Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich on their tropical honeymoon
Credit: Brooks Laich via Instagram

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich were married in a romantic lakeside wedding ceremony last month. Now, Hough is discussing married life, sharing that it's been "amazing." While attending a party for Nina Dobrev, her best friend and bridesmaid, she talked about this new chapter of her life with Laich.

"It definitely feels different being married. People have always said that and I didn't understand it but now I feel more whole," she told People. "Just being able to call him husband is so fun. It was actually when we got our marriage certificate. It was like 'How are you doing, husband?' It was fun."

As much as Hough is enjoying being married, she says she loved prepping for the celebration, too. "I had such a blast planning [the wedding]. I've told all my friends if you need help let me know! It was just so much fun," she admitted. "I keep getting little videos from our videographer and it just takes me right back."

Hough also talked about the couple's honeymoon in Africa, which both she and Laich posted extensively about on social media. "Yeah, beach and bush is what they call it. Seychelles was incredible to decompress. It was nice to be able to chill and relax," she explained. But the safari portion of the vacation was a win for the couple as well. "It was phenomenal. I fell in love with Africa last year when I did Bear Grylls and Brooks came with me for that. It's just magical," she shared. "There's nothing like it. They always say 'Did you get bit by the Africa bug?' So we don't know how we're going to travel anywhere else. We're just always planning our next trip to Africa!"


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