4 Ways to Make a Valentine's Day Proposal a Surprise

Here's how to pop the question on the most romantic day of the year.

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Pulling off a surprise proposal is a challenge any day, but it's particularly difficult on Valentine's Day. When someone is expecting the big question, a fancy dinner, chocolates, and roses may be a dead giveaway that something even more romantic is about to happen.

But that doesn't mean a surprise Valentine's Day proposal is impossible. Here are four ways you can shock your beloved this year.

The "No Valentine's Day Plans" Plan

Cook up a ruse that makes it impossible for you to spend Valentine's Day with your S.O.-an out-of-town business trip or an emergency at work. Then have one of your partner's family members or friends set a plan to spend the day or evening with your other half instead. They can bring her to a special location where you're ready to shock her with your presence and a ring.

The "Morning Surprise" Plan

There's no getting around it-your girlfriend expects a proposal, and she probably has Valentine's Day pegged as the perfect day to get asked. You can make her dreams come true and still make it a surprise by pulling off a first-thing-in-the-morning proposal. Set up the typical evening plans-and make sure she knows about all of the romantic activities in the works to throw her off. Just as the day is about to begin, surprise her with a beautiful breakfast spread and the most important question she'll hear all day.

The "One Last Thing" Plan

Everyone knows a Valentine's Day proposal will occur during one of the day's romantic events, right? A candlelit dinner, a stroll on the beach, sipping wine by the fire-these are the rom-com moments a girl dreams about! Your challenge is to wait. Plan an evening of spectacular, passionate events and gestures, but keep that ring hidden. When Valentine's Day is all but over and you've kissed your now unsuspecting partner goodnight, bring out that last surprise.

The "Big Trip Coming Up" Plan

Valentine's Day screams potential proposal, but so does a big trip. Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you to take just a couple of weeks after Valentine's Day. With your vacation coming up, mention that you think it's best to have a low-key (and low-cost) Valentine's Day. While your girlfriend's mind is racing with thoughts of how you might pop the question during your trip, surprise her on Valentine's Day instead. Your impending trip just became a celebration vacation!

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