A celebrity manicurist shares her top tips for your wedding day.
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You're going to be doing a lot of hand shaking and ring flashing throughout your wedding weekend, which likely has you thinking a manicure is in order. But when is the right time to book such an appointment? We're turning to a professional nail artist for her expert opinion.

When to book your manicure.

Manicurist Morgan Dixon of MAD Nails says, "I suggest all brides and their wedding party plan to book their nail appointment within the week of the special day. Some brides feel they need to have them done the day before, but if the manicure is done correctly—and they choose a longer-lasting gel polish option—their nails will last." That means you won't have to worry about a chipped manicure on the morning of your wedding.

How to keep your hands looking their best.

To keep your hands looking freshly manicured, Dixon suggests using cuticle oil and hand cream throughout the day. She says, "You can also carry around a few alcohol swabs to wipe off and clean up the nails of any dirt or dulling. And the most important tip would be to stay moisturized! You should be using cuticle oil or hand cream throughout the day."

Use the right polish for the occasion.

Since chipped or peeling polish is the last thing you'll want to worry about, Dixon says, "Gel polish is your best friend. Gel Bottle and Luxa Polish are the brands I love and suggest looking out for. Others like OPI and Essie are also good options." These quality polishes are not only durable, but they also stay glossy significantly longer than your basic polishes.


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