The short answer: Of course!

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It's a dilemma that many young women have: a calendar full of family and friends' weddings and a clothing fund that can't keep up with the demand for new dresses. When you're invited to events like weddings where you'll see many of the same people, you ideally want a brand-new dress for every occasion. But for anyone working in an entry-level or minimum-wage job, who has a mortgage, or is still in the process of paying off school debt-basically, everyone!-it's hard to justify buying new clothes for every single event.

Since you have a perfectly good dress hanging in your closet that you feel and look gorgeous in, it's totally fine to wear it to two different weddings. Unless it's a plunging orange feathered number, no one will remember or say anything to you. But if you're feeling uneasy, here are a couple of options to keep in mind.

Wear the dress again but change up the accessories.

Wearing different jewelry and footwear are the easiest ways to create new looks, and you'll have more latitude if the dress is a basic black, gray, or navy. If you went the chunky-necklace-and-pumps route for the first wedding, adopt a minimalist look for the next, with a couple of thin silver or gold bracelets and strappy sandals.

Don't wear the same dress to two weddings in a row.

If you can, put some distance between your repeat wearings. Choose your new dress for a wedding in June, last year's dress for one in August, and the new dress again for that last wedding of the year in September.

Borrow a dress.

If you're lucky enough to have a sister, cousin, or friend who's the same size as you but not in the same social circles, take a peek into their closets and see what looks good! Of course, ask first but sweeten the request with the promise of opening up your closet to them, too.


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