These classic signs of the season also work well at your ceremony and reception.

By Alyssa Brown
March 13, 2018
cat denis wedding walking along garden path

Spring weddings are known for their beautiful blooms and bright color palettes, but those are only some of the many elements couples love about March, April, May, and June nuptials. If you really want to highlight the best of spring throughout your ceremony and ceremony, here are a few more hallmarks of the season that double as wedding inspiration.


The most exciting thing about spring might just be seeing all the lush greenery come back to life. Luckily, greenery has been a major source of wedding décor inspiration over the past few years, and it looks like this trend is here to stay. Embrace greenery by using it in the same way you'd use flowers-you'll find you have all the décor you need with fresh, tropical leaves, branches, and vines.


Spring is arguably the best time of year to spot flowers growing in the wild, so why not replicate the look on your big day? You might want to host your wedding in a garden venue, or else create a pathway to your ceremony that's surrounded with pots of lush, loose wildflowers. If your wedding is taking place at your own home, you could even plant an expanse of spring-blooming flowers, which will serve as a stunning backdrop that you can cherish for years to come.

Pastel Color Palettes

Say goodbye to green and white, and hello to pastel hues instead. Bright blue, warm yellow, and shades of pink are all popular in the springtime. But don't feel like you have to choose all subdued colors. Surprise guests with a punchy palette studded with just a few subtle shades if you prefer bold décor. Magenta, orange, and purple are all fair game, too.


The air is filled with floral fragrance during spring, and a stroll any street might beckon wafts of jasmine, gardenia, lilac, or magnolia. Rather than leave those fragrances outside, you can incorporate scents into your wedding. Aroma diffusers can be used throughout your ceremony and reception spaces to disperse essential oils and add spring-like fragrance indoors. For an even easier dose of spring scent, use fragrant flowers in your centerpieces and floral décor.

Outdoor Dining

Spring is that time of year when people start holding backyard barbecues and dine al fresco, so why not take your party outdoors (weather permitting, of course)? A fresh, seasonal menu and a cozy spot outside is all you really need.


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