There's nothing like having fall foliage as your wedding backdrop.

Fall bride and groom

Fall weddings have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and for good reasons! Autumn celebrations offer unique color palettes, seasonal ingredients, and bold florals. We asked two top wedding planners-Shannon Leahy and Beth Helmstetter-to share the benefits that come with choosing a fall wedding date. Here, the two pros share their top five.

You'll get unforgettable photos.

It's no secret that fall foliage provides a vibrant backdrop for your wedding photos. Highlight the colorful leaves by taking photos beneath voluminous trees, incorporate pumpkins or leaves into your photos, or taking advantage of the fall breeze that makes your veil flow during your portrait session. "In the Northeast you see all the beautiful oranges and yellows of the maples," Leahy says. "The aspens in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming are on fire-it's a stunning time of year for outdoor photos!"

It's the perfect time of year for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

"You can typically count on cooler temperatures and less direct sunlight, which is amazing for guest comfort. They get to be fully present for the ceremony rather than thinking about how hot they are or if the sun is in their eyes," says Helmstetter. Leahy agrees, adding that your guests will appreciate being able to spend time outdoors without feeling hot and sticky. "No one wants to be sweating through their formal attire, so waiting until the fall ensures that your guests will enjoy an outdoor wedding in the crisp cool air."

You're able to play up cozy textures and textiles.

Fall weddings and a cozy vibe go hand in hand. "Soft blankets at the ceremony can be a lovely touch so guests can cuddle up while you say your vows," Helmstetter says. You can also use them throughout the rest of your decorations. "Heavy woods, leathers, or wool for your linens, tables, or chair covers all work well. All of these elements may feel too heavy in the spring or summer time, but are perfect to create a cozy fall wedding"

The seasonal ingredients are delicious.

You can take advantage of all the seasonal fruits and vegetables by incorporating them into your wedding menu. Consider serving hot apple cider, cocktails featuring seasonal fruits, squash-based soups, root vegetables, and seasonal flavored pies like sweet potato or pumpkin. "With so many beautiful and delicious fruits in season, it can be fun to incorporate things like figs or red pears into the design of the day. We love to add these unexpected touches to tablescapes, welcome gifts, favors, and more," Helmstetter says.

Fall flowers are so beautiful.

Consider incorporating colorful dahlias, marigolds, lilies, and even leaves into your bouquet or centerpieces. "We love when our florists bring the changing leaves of fall foliage into an arrangement-it gives it so much more interest and subtle color than simply green leaves," explains Leahy.


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