Knowing that you remembered them on your special day will mean the world.
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If an important guest's birthday falls on your wedding day, you should be doubly honored that they're giving up celebrating themselves so that they can celebrate you! Show them your thanks by doing something meaningful, but keep it short. You want to acknowledge the birthday guy or gal without it taking a chunk of time away from the main event. It's even better if it's a surprise, so consider the fun ideas below and start planning a little birthday celebration.

Make a simple announcement.

If you want a sincere, no-fuss acknowledgment, have your band leader or DJ announce the guest's birthday during dinner; the rest of your attendees will instinctively applause.

Sing it out.

If you're looking to add a little extra fun to the announcement, invite everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to the guest of honor. It's a quick gesture that takes less than 60 seconds.

Bring out a small cake.

This upgrade involves the announcement, the birthday song, plus dessert. Have sparkler candles in the cake for an extra-special touch. The guest can either share the cake with his tablemates or bring it home to eat another day.

Put a candle in a cupcake.

If it's a child's birthday (under age 12), ask the wait staff to stick a candle in a luscious cupcake and bring it to the boy or girl at their table. They don't have to share with anyone!

Play an upbeat celebratory song for them.

Ask the DJ or band to play a tune that puts everyone in a good mood, like Pharrell Williams' "Happy," and then dedicate it to the birthday guest. That'll get the crowd pumped, whether or not they know the person-everyone loves a birthday!


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