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All You Need Is Love Wedding Cake with Same-Sex Topper

While wedding cake toppers aren't for everyone, they do add a level of personalization to your big day's confection. For same-sex couples, they can be a way to showcase the sentiment that "love is love"-which is arguably the most important, integral part of your wedding day. If you're dedicated to including a confection accessory (and making that powerful statement!), you'll want to choose a style that fits with who you two are as a couple. To help, we tapped two experts-Kimberly Bailey of Butter End Cakery and Tânia Sérgio of T Bakes-for their input on finding one that works for you and your cake.

First and foremost? Any style goes. "If clients love the kitsch factor of a doll-form topper, then by all means they should go for it!" says Bailey. If you're not married to the idea of statuettes that look like you, skip them, advises Sérgio. "There's a myriad of options available nowadays, from all kinds of figurines to calligraphy. The sky's the limit!" Those calligraphy-based toppers are just as inspiring-common examples include "Mrs. & Mrs.," "Love Wins," and "Love is Love" (of course!). Want to incorporate both? Look to the above dessert, designed by Le Dolcezze di Liz, that proves that dolls and text can absolutely work together.

Whatever topper you and your partner choose, you'll want to consult your cake baker early on to ensure that it's integrated seamlessly into your confection's design. Bailey recommends bringing up toppers during your initial consultation, so that they're "taken into consideration when designing the composition of the entire cake, and not just added as an after-thought." However the process goes, though, there's one thing that remains paramount: "Just make sure you end up with a timeless piece that is truly meaningful to you and your partner!" Sérgio says.

Here, more same-sex wedding cake toppers that will surely inspire your own.

Love Wins Wedding Cake Topper
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Love Wins

"Word art toppers are still trending, for both straight and gay couples," says Bailey. "Mr. & Mr." in script, the couple's names, or something simple like "Happily Ever After" are all good choices. She recommends looking on various Etsy shops for custom pieces (like this one, from Ngo Creations!), which can be created in whatever accent color or metallic tone goes with your cake or color scheme.

Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Same-Sex Flamingo Topper

Flamingo Grooms

Sérgio suggests "exploring all your options" as you consider different cake toppers. Have you thought about expanding your horizons to another species in the animal kingdom? These grooms' semi-naked cake, from Jay's Catering Company, looks down-right dapper thanks to two bow tie and top hat-clad flamingos.

wedding cake toppers suzy goodrick

Love Is Love

Bailey advises finishing your cake with a topper only if you "feel compelled to have one, not because you feel your dessert needs one." We can't think of a more compelling reason for a confection add-on than equal love. A Pride mantra and the ultimate truth, this Ngo Creations "Love Is Love" topper stuns on two brides' rainbow flower cake, by Ashley Welch.

Same-Sex Cake Topper with Pets

Little Pups

"Many couples want their pets on their cake even more than they want little figures of themselves," says Bailey. What better way to pay homage to your pup than to have a tiny edible sculpture made in their likeness? This Tout Sweet macaroon tower features two figures modeled after the grooms' dogs posing alongside their parents' forms.


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