What's more romantic than tying the knot right at sunset?
wedding couple sunset on lake

Couple's often discount evening ceremony as too late a start, but if you're open to the idea of a shorter reception (or one that goes later into the night) and lots of time spent in twinkly candlelight, this could be the best option of all. Here, seven reasons why brides and grooms should give an evening wedding ceremony some serious thought.

That golden sunset glow makes for incredible photos.

Great ambience is all about great lighting and no lighting is better than that golden, dusty glow that sets in just before sunset. If you're able to plan your ceremony to take place right around the golden hour, your guests (and your photographer) will be in for a real treat as you exchange vows.

Evenings are more romantic than daytime.

When you and your new spouse share your first dance beneath a canopy of stars, it'll be hard to imagine anything more romantic. Add tons of candles to your tablescapes and throughout each reception space and the romance level will be set at an all-time high.

You can keep the reception short.

Depending on the time of year and what your venue allows, an evening wedding reception could run fairly short. A four-hour reception will give you enough time for dinner and dancing but also allows you to keep the budget in check. Not a fan of a shortened party? Talk to your venue about extending the reception later into the night, or else host a fun after-party for guests who want to stay out late.

You can sleep late.

Midday weddings often mean the bride and bridal party are up early for hair and makeup. Getting ready can start a lot later if you're planning a wedding that starts in the evening.

It's easier to keep the wedding kid-free.

If you're going with a late start, parents are more likely to hire a babysitter for the whole night. If you prefer a kid-free soirée, there's no shame in not inviting children to what will likely be a late-night celebration.

Guests will let loose.

Daytime weddings tend to be a bit tamer where guests are concerned, while evening weddings that last late into the night can get good and rowdy. Pick your poison wisely.

They're more formal.

Most evening and night weddings have a more formal feel to them, so they're perfect for couples after a black-tie vibe. That said, you can get away with any level of formality that you're comfortable with.


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