Carolina Herrera's Best Wedding Dress Advice for Brides-to-Be

The designer is celebrating 35 years in the industry!

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Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

There are some wedding-industry icons who have inspired us all for years. Carolina Herrera is one of those people-both in her designs and as a person. She embodies every quality we want in wedding style: classic, elegant, and chic.

As Mrs. Herrera recently celebrated 35 years in the business, I'm reminded of how she has shaped our outlook here at Martha Stewart Weddings. As long as I can remember, we've featured gowns with tailored details: a button or bow, or her signature menswear-inspired white collar. And in person, at a fashion show, in a showroom, or even on television with Martha Stewart, she always has impeccable style and grace.

I recently asked Mrs. Herrera if she'd chat with us about her career and give her advice for brides. She was gracious enough to do so, so I thought I'd share some of her helpful thoughts below. Thank you, Mrs. Herrera, and congratulations on your 35th anniversary! We look forward to many more gorgeous gowns.

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Todd Norwood

Q: When people think of you they think, Timeless. Why is that?

A: I don't follow trends. I design for the woman of today, and my goal is to make sure she feels beautiful- the best version of herself.

Q: How do you describe your take on your bridal gowns?

A: Whether it's by adding a sleeve or slightly bringing down a neckline, my wedding dresses are designed to allow you to accentuate your figure and stay true to who you are.

Q: Tell us about the dress you designed for your 35th anniversary.

A: The 35th-anniversary tribute dress embodies the timelessness that has defined my brand for three and a half decades. The dress is silk faille with a bodice that leads into the full volume of a ball gown-overall, it is the essence of our house codes: sophistication and elegance.

Q: What is your advice for brides looking for style inspiration?

A: Stay true to what looks good on you, and don't wear something just because it's what everyone else is doing. If there is one day you want to look like yourself, it should be your wedding day. And the pictures last a lifetime!

Q: What would be your best piece of advice for a bride-to-be who's just starting to shop for her gown?

A: When you go to first try on gowns, go alone. Then, when you have more of an idea of what you like, you go with your choice of loved one. This way it assures that the dress you pick is one you truly like!

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