In a world where everyone's hosting three days of events, can you still plan an understated celebration?
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It probably seems like everyone you know is having a weekend-long wedding. With all the hype around big, blow-out style affairs, it's easy for couples to assume that low-key nuptials are becoming a thing of the past. The reality is, however, that not all couples want to host an epic event to celebrate their marriage. But is it really possible to have a simple wedding anymore? Industry professionals agree that it is, and they'll tell you just how much they love working on them, too. If you're interested in an understated celebration, here's what you need to know.

All-Inclusive Venues Make Low-Stress a Possibility

While some couples may discount any venues that specialize in hosting weddings (and generally hold multiple events in the same weekend) because of their one-size-fits-all approach, that simplification quickly takes the stress off of a couple. All-in-one venues, like restaurants, hotels, or event spaces with in-house catering, staffing, and rentals, tend to be well-oiled machines that follow a dependable event recipe. What this means for couples is less decision-making and less coordination leading up to the big day. Sure, you can still have an over-the-top party at an all-inclusive venue, but the planning stress won't be on you.

The Smaller the Better

For many couples, taking a minimalist approach to the wedding guest list seems impossible, but cutting back on invites really does simplify your big-day needs. The more intimate your wedding, the less stressful it'll feel leading up to it, as it's easier to communicate with guests and to keep the budget in check.

The "Simple" Backyard Wedding Myth

Contrary to popular belief, a backyard wedding usually causes more stress and requires more effort than couples imagine. Chances are, your house probably isn't built to feed and entertain a hundred people at a time, so you could end up having to bring in portable restrooms, a backup generator, rental furniture, a temporary catering kitchen, a tent in case it rains, and more. If you want simplicity, we'd recommend steering clear of the so-called "simple" backyard wedding.

Choose Your Priorities Wisely

One of the best things a couple can do to keep their wedding planning simple is agree on three things to prioritize throughout the planning process. Once you do this, all the decisions you make along the way should relate back to these details. For instance, if you decide that great music, good food, and having all your friends and family in one place are the most important elements, you'll can stress less about things like décor and attire.

Communication Is Key

If you're really serious about your quest to create a simple, low-key wedding, it's important to communicate this to your wedding vendors from the very beginning. Your vendors are professionals who've worked on countless weddings and have handled just as many different aesthetics. If you're able to trust them to make the right calls on your behalf, you can likely be more hands-off and relaxed throughout the planning. Besides, vendors love low-key.


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